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Numeric input from a QWERTY keypad on Symbian

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Devices(s): All (S60), tested on Nokia E71, Nokia N97
Keywords: TCoeInputCapabilities
Created: (20 Mar 2009)
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On S60 devices with a QWERTY keypad, user-selectable numeric input mode is not available. Instead, numbers typically share physical keys with other characters and are accessed with the modifier (Fn) key.

If an application does not use AVKON UI controls but handles individual key events, receiving numeric input can be a problem on QWERTY devices.


If a CCoeControl-derived class that handles key events needs numeric input, its input capabilities can be defined as follows:

  TCoeInputCapabilities CMyAppView::InputCapabilities() const
TCoeInputCapabilities inputCaps(TCoeInputCapabilities::EWesternNumericIntegerPositive);
return inputCaps;

After this, pressing number keys produces correct results on all S60 devices. On QWERTY devices, there's no need to use the modifier key for numeric input.

See also

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