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On demand Web TV – have your favorite channels with you

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Created: Risalmin (17 Dec 2009)
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This article provides a Symbian web runtime template for playing Web TV - services providing broadcast TV content over the Internet on a catch-up basis.


The Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices from Nokia provide compatibility with popular internet video formats and desktop Flash. With optimised video streaming and playback support, the Nokia N8 provides a fantastic platform for mobilising your TV and other video services, thus broadening the available audience.

On demand Web TV applications

Web TV is an internet service providing broadcast TV content over the Internet on a catch-up basis. An example of such a service is CNN.
Many local and global TV broadcasters also provide similar services, which enable content to be viewed over the web.

"I have TV programs available on the internet … how do I to create an application to access them from a mobile device?"

Simply, develop a web widget.
Web widgets are created using standard web technologies. These are the same technologies you use to develop your website, but in a widget the code you create is packaged and installed on a Symbian device as native applications are. Once installed your web experience is available to device users in one click from the device's application menu.

Web widgets enable tight optimisation to a device’s screen size and interaction methods, making your information easier to find and use.
Starting with the Symbian^3 Nokia N8 mobile computer, your web TV widget can be accessed from the device home screen enabling users to watch video-on-demand streamed content easily.

Get started with the Web TV application template

Web TV Screenshot1.jpg

The first beta version of the On Demand Web TV template is available.
Use the link below to download the customisable, open source Web TV widget template. This template has been created in collaboration with and is used by dozens of globally acclaimed broadcasters. The Web TV template is a Web Runtime widget created for content providers that enables easy, 1-2-3-delivery of a Web TV experience.
Using the template video, thumbnail, and other data are made available on your server, from which the Web TV widget will read the data.
Videos, thumbnails, and data can be automatically generated, or authored and copied manually, depending on the content provider’s setup.

Discuss the development of Web TV widgets on the Discussion board.

Content specification

Content for Web TV widgets should comply with the following standards and specifications:

  • HTTP progressive download and RTMP streaming
  • Flash video (FLV/F4V) or MP4 container
  • H.264 Main profile recommended as the video codec. On2 VP6 is also supported.
  • Video resolution of at least 640 x 360 pixels and in 16:9 format (full screen)
  • A total bit rate of approximately 360kbps for a 3G connection, for example video at 288kbps plus audio at 64kbps. Higher bit rates can be used for WiFi or 3.5G connections

Note.pngNote: The above is a recommendation for Symbian^3 devices from Nokia, such as the Nokia N8 mobile computer. Devices based on earlier version of Symbian will require a downgraded version of the content.

--Risalmin 11:02, 14 September 2010 (UTC)

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