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Created: User:Eyeclipse (29 Jun 2009)
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Improve your site with rich mobile video

Be a part of the revolution

The Internet is in the midst of yet another revolution: the mobile Internet revolution. With the powerful mobile devices, people are increasingly turning to the mobile Internet to obtain fast and contextual information and entertainment.

Video is an extremely rich communication channel. In addition to raw information, video gives the viewer a sense of who the participants are by including body language in the information stream.



Dandelion small.jpg

Dandelion Player is a media player developed with Flash and Flash Lite 3 compatible. This player has been developed for mobile and devices and in the creation process we taken into account the usability and memory leaks.

As an open source tool delivered by BlocketPc.com (Spanish Mobile Adobe User Group), Dandelion player becomes a great opportunity to improve your developing time, also combined with Layout Manager (system for manage graphic elements on different screens) and Feather Framework (a light framework for your Flash Lite developments).


Dandelion Player contains two components (player and control bar), four engines, one abstract engine and one event.

The components can be easily modified with the Flash IDE and you can extend the control bar class or the player class to add your own functionalities. Also, you can embed Dandelion Player in an HTML page and pass parameters through flashvars to initialize the player.

General features

Formats supported:

  • FLV video
  • 3GP video
  • MP3 audio
  • RTMP streaming
  • RTSP streaming
  • HTTP on-demand


  • 4-way navigation support
  • Touch screen support
  • Full screen support (3GP not available)
  • Play lists
  • Play icon centered
  • Play, stop and mute buttons
  • Current time and total time display
  • Volume control
  • RTMP seeking
  • HTTP seeking to content loaded
  • Intelligent controlbar resizement
  • Buffer loading icon

Operative systems:

  • Nokia Symbian S60
  • Nokia Symbian S40
  • Windows Mobile 6


HTML embedable and Flash Lite application development.



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