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Optimizing battery life

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* Reduce the use of games.
* Reduce the use of games.
Check also the '''[http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Tools_and_downloads/Other/Nokia_Energy_Profiler/Quick_start.xhtmlTop_10_Energy_Saving_Tips.xhtml Top 10 Energy Saving Tips]''' under [http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Tools_and_downloads/Other/Nokia_Energy_Profiler/Quick_start.xhtml Forum Nokia Power Management] pages.
Check also the '''[http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Tools_and_downloads/Other/Nokia_Energy_Profiler/Quick_start.xhtmlTop_10_Energy_Saving_Tips.xhtml Top 10 Energy Saving Tips]''' under [http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Tools_and_downloads/Other/Nokia_Energy_Profiler/Quick_start.xhtml Nokia Developer Power Management] pages.

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Although modern phone batteries are much more powerful than old batteries, there are still a lot of things that you can do in your application to make phone battery last longer.

Some important usability guideline are

  • Minimize the use of vibrate function in your application as it’s a big drain on power.
  • Don’t use the backlight and keypad tones if you don’t need them. By default keep them off in your application.
  • Even if you are using backlight in application turn them off when application is in idle state or in background.
  • Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi after its use, if you are using them in your application.
  • Optimize application that running in the background continuously, it should take minimum resources as it will run continuously in background. Do not add GUI control in exe, if possible.
  • Continuously use of GPRS will consume battery, so disconnect it whenever application is in background or phone is in idle state.
  • Reduce brightness in your application.
  • If application is playing audio/video media then keep default sound low, It does save huge battery life.
  • Do not leave the camera on after use.
  • Minimize the use of animated screensavers.
  • Reduce the use of games.

Check also the Top 10 Energy Saving Tips under Nokia Developer Power Management pages.

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