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很多发布者在审核未通过之后对于QA部门给出的结论并不理解,因此不知道如何做针对性的修改。因此在此我们汇总一些常见的QA失误原因。并作出相应的补充解释。 QA的审核结论可以在QA结束后收到的邮件中找到,您也可以登录Ovi Publish平台在产品页找到例如:页面下方Comment找到Metadata部分的审核结论。 页面中查看到各文件包,点开进入各文件包的页面下方comment找到content file的审核结论。


wrong UID

Dear Publisher,

Thank you for submitting your content to Ovi Publish. We are unable to sign your content because a Nokia assigned UID is not found in your SIS file. Please resubmit using a Nokia assigned UID or contact Ovi Publisher Support at to obtain UIDs


Ovi Publisher Support (public, Moderation signing in progress -> Qa failed)






The Vendor Name listed in your package file is "Vendor-EN" and your global Vendor Name is "Unknown Vendor". These must match your publisher name in PublishToOvi. Should you have any questions, please contact Ovi Publisher Support at

对于参加免费Symbian签名的产品,由于将有Nokia对发布者的产品签名,因此我们要求symbian包中.pkg文件中的Vendor Name和Global Vendor Name项中填入发布者在Ovi Pbulish中注册公司名称。(请注意,并非登陆账号。),如有更多问题请与Publisher support联系

Java Missing Documentation

The submitted content is not signed with a valid signature. If you wish to have Nokia Java Verified sign your content, please include all necessary documentation including a workflow diagram and completed questionnaire describing the application.

For further information, refer to If you would like to receive a sample of the documents, contact []

出现这个错误是由于对于参加免费Java签名的产品,我们要求在提交未签名产品到Ovi Publish平台时,必须同时将的流程图和生命文档一并提交到后台。[如有关上传方法的问题请与如有关上传方法的问题请与] 联系

Carbide UI for theme content

SUMMARY: The theme is not packaged with the latest Carbide UI Themes Plug-In and should be re-packed to improve theme performance.

出现这个错误是对于发布主题类的产品,我们要求发布者使用最新版本的打包工具Carbide UI打包主题产品,以保证用户体验。

No Chinese in Jad files


The format of Jad file is not correct.

Corrective actions:

Make sure there is NO Chinese characters in these 2 attributes in Jad file:



Please modify the Jad and Jar files accordingly and then resubmit.

NOTE: Note that devices marked as "Pending" are not supported by OVI Store. OVI Store supported device list can be found from



SUMMARY: Device distribution doesn’t have at least one device per each platform as “FULLY TESTED” EXPECTED RESULTS: For each platform you wish to distribute your content you must have at least one device FULLY TESTED CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: Steps to modify the file: 1. Press “Edit File” -button 2. Check the “Compatibility” declarations for each platform of devices. 3. Select device compatibility “FULLY TESTED” for at least one device in the platform. 4. Press “Submit changes to QA” -button. NOTE: When FULLY TESTED device fails in QA, the whole platform will fail. Please select devices FULLY TESTED only if that is the situation.

出现在这个错误是由于在填写适配机型型号时,我们要求每个系列(系列是指同一个操作系统下同一个屏幕尺寸下的所有机型)中,最少有一部机型标识为“Fully tested”(绿色状态条)。发布者可以通过鼠标在状态条上移动来改变状态。

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