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Within the code, it maybe useful to find out what are the Components that currently are attached to a map display instance.


Ovi Maps API supported web browser (basically any modern web browser)

The example assumes you have already added the Ovi Maps to your web page as explained in the previous article "Ovi Maps - add the map to any web page"

Important about Maps credentials

With Ovi Maps API you can start without having any credentials given, but you might face a performance gap. In order to get the full potential out of the offering, you must get the credentials that authenticate your application against the Services. Please read through the Location API.

For more information on how to obtain the credentials, please start with the Ovi Maps API Developers Guide section "Acquiring API credentials"


The API reference states:

getId () : String 
Returns a unique identifier of the Component. It is not allowed to add two Components with the same id to a map.

So, If previously created a component variable type of Copyright, the getId would return:

result = component.getId()

The result would have the value of string "Copyright".

It is also possible to query the component's version.

The API reference states:

getVersion () : String

Returns the version of the component. The version of the component in the format "major.minor.update.revision" where the values may be omitted from right to left. This scheme should be used to make version numbers comparable.

result = component.getVersion

For more on Ovi Maps API

Please check out the Ovi Maps API full documentation and API reference here:


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