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PluThon - A Plugin of python/Maemo to Eclipse

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The PluThon plug-in for the Eclipse IDE integrates the Eclipse development environment with the Internet Tablet for maemo Python development. With Pluthon, Python developers do not need to use the maemo SDK and scratchbox as their development environment. The PluThon plug-in fully supports the application development process with Python where a developer uses the Eclipse IDE to write code but runs, tests and debugs the Python application directly with the Internet Tablet.

PluThon project properties

To integrate Eclipse with the Tablet for on-device development without maemo SDK or Scratchbox, the maemo Pluthon plug-in needs to be installed in the Eclipse IDE using the standard Eclipse plugin installation. Detailed instructions on doing this can be found on the Pluthon project home page.

Running a PluThon project

To enable on-device Python development with Eclipse, the maemo Python development environment needs to be installed to the Tablet. Instructions on adding support to maemo for development environments other than C can be found on the maemo Programming Languages page.

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