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{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Porting the Premier League app from WRT to Qt Quick|image=Wrt_to_qtquick_premierleague_results.png|width=200|week=Week 17 - April 22nd 2012}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|How to create a marker tooltip with Maps API for Java ME|image=Tooltip_java_me.png|width=200|week=Week 16 - April 15th 2012}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|How to create a marker tooltip with Maps API for Java ME|image=Tooltip_java_me.png|width=200|week=Week 16 - April 15th 2012}}

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Featured-article.png This tick is applied to the top right hand corner of Nokia Developer Wiki "Featured" articles. Featured articles have been assessed to be of a particularly good quality by the Wiki administrators, using criteria including accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style.

The following lists show featured articles along with their "featuring date". For a more detailed overview of the featured articles, see also these blog posts.

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Porting the Premier League app from WRT to Qt Quick by jappit Week 17 - April 22nd 2012

Wrt to qtquick premierleague results.png

This article shows the main guidelines used to port a Symbian application from WRT to Qt, by using Qt Quick and Qt Quick Components

How to create a marker tooltip with Maps API for Java ME by jasfox Week 16 - April 15th 2012

Tooltip java me.png

This article explains how to associate tooltip text to a MapObject. This means that when the MapObject is over the centre of the screen, the tooltip text is visible.

Nokia Maps for WP7 using Bing Map Control by galazzo Week 15 - April 8th 2012


This article shows how to display Nokia Maps (instead of Bing tiles) on Windows Phone using the Bing Map Control.

How to use QShake to detect and manage phone shaking by galazzo Week 14 - April 1st 2012


This article explains how to use QShake, a utility class that help you to detect and manage phone shaking.

QML Change Password Dialog by Den123 Week 13 - March 25th 2012


This code snippet provides a Symbian-specific custom QML dialog for changing a password (ChangePasswordDialog).

Techniques for memory analysis of Windows Phone apps by rebloor Week 12 - March 18th 2012


This article provides an overview of the techniques available for analysing the memory use of Windows Phone apps.

Transparent QML Apps by gnuton Week 11 - March 11th 2012


This code example shows how to create translucent Qt Quick apps for both mobile and desktop operating systems.

Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB by rebloor Week 10 - March 4th 2012

Windows Phone emulator memory options.png

Simple Splash Screen in QML by Week 9 - February 26th 2012

QML Splash screen.png

Getting started with Qt by Week 8 - February 19th 2012

Qt Logo.png

How to create calendar component using Qt Quick by Week 7 - February 12th 2012


Using Microsoft Advertising Control in WP7 apps by Week 6 - February 5th 2012

Wp Ad 004.png

Movies in Finnkino Theatre's by Week 5 - January 29th 2012

PTM FinnKinoShowsPage.png

Employees from XML in WP7 by Week 4 - January 22nd 2012

PTM employees01.png

Nokia Maps API - Converting from JavaScript to KML by Week 3 - January 15th 2012


NFC enabling a Bluetooth Headset using Qt by Week 2 - January 8th 2012


Converting Google Maps for JavaScript to Nokia Maps by Week 1 - January 1st 2012