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{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Showing ads in OpenGL ES context|image=File:2.png|width=200|week=Week 24 - June 10th 2012}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Showing ads in OpenGL ES context|image=2.png|width=200|week=Week 24 - June 10th 2012}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Augmented Reality Applications with NyARToolkit and Qt3D|image=Qtar-image-01.jpg|width=200|week=Week 23 - June 3rd 2012}}
{{GetFeaturedArticleText|Augmented Reality Applications with NyARToolkit and Qt3D|image=Qtar-image-01.jpg|width=200|week=Week 23 - June 3rd 2012}}

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Featured-article.png This tick is applied to the top right hand corner of Nokia Developer Wiki "Featured" articles. Featured articles have been assessed to be of a particularly good quality by the Wiki administrators, using criteria including accuracy, neutrality, completeness, and style.

The following lists show featured articles along with their "featuring date". For a more detailed overview of the featured articles, see also these blog posts.

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Showing ads in OpenGL ES context by tuohirv Week 24 - June 10th 2012


This article explains how to manually fetch banner advertisements from Inneractive, display them on the surface of a 3D cube using OpenGL, and then open a browser when a cube's side is clicked.

Augmented Reality Applications with NyARToolkit and Qt3D by fred.duarte Week 23 - June 3rd 2012


This article explains how to create an Augmented Reality (AR) application using Qt. The code example adds a "virtual" 3D person to the image displayed in the camera viewfinder.

Real-time edge detection in camera viewport by daliusd Week 22 - May 27th 2012

View edge.png

This article explains how to optimise an image edge detection algorithm so that it can be used for "real-time" previewing of video in the camera's viewport.

Streaming MP3 player in WP7 by pasi.manninen Week 21 - May 20th 2012

PTMNetMP3Player player1.png

Quick guide to add multilanguage support to your QML application by Week 20 - May 13th 2012


This article explains how to add multilingual support in QML application.

Picasa Image Gallery with JSON in WP7 by Week 19 - May 6th 2012


QML Performance Meter by Week 18 - April 29th 2012

Qt Logo.png

Porting the Premier League app from WRT to Qt Quick by Week 17 - April 22nd 2012

Wrt to qtquick premierleague results.png

How to create a marker tooltip with Maps API for Java ME by Week 16 - April 15th 2012

Tooltip java me.png

Nokia Maps for WP7 using Bing Map Control by Week 15 - April 8th 2012


How to use QShake to detect and manage phone shaking by Week 14 - April 1st 2012


QML Change Password Dialog by Week 13 - March 25th 2012


Techniques for memory analysis of Windows Phone apps by Week 12 - March 18th 2012


Transparent QML Apps by Week 11 - March 11th 2012


Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB by Week 10 - March 4th 2012

Windows Phone emulator memory options.png

Simple Splash Screen in QML by Week 9 - February 26th 2012

QML Splash screen.png

Getting started with Qt by Week 8 - February 19th 2012

Qt Logo.png

How to create calendar component using Qt Quick by Week 7 - February 12th 2012


Using Microsoft Advertising Control in WP7 apps by Week 6 - February 5th 2012

Wp Ad 004.png

Movies in Finnkino Theatre's by Week 5 - January 29th 2012

PTM FinnKinoShowsPage.png

Employees from XML in WP7 by Week 4 - January 22nd 2012

PTM employees01.png

Nokia Maps API - Converting from JavaScript to KML by Week 3 - January 15th 2012


NFC enabling a Bluetooth Headset using Qt by Week 2 - January 8th 2012


Converting Google Maps for JavaScript to Nokia Maps by Week 1 - January 1st 2012