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All featured articles (not including those that have been #Archived).

Article Date
Authentication Using Facebook, Google and Microsoft Account in Universal Apps Using MVVM20140901
Creating Windows Phone and Window 8.1 applications using Microsoft App Studio20140812
Retro game console custom effect using Imaging SDK20140727
Integrating Disqus with Nokia X applications20140707
Orton Effect Filter Recipe (Lumia Imaging SDK)20140918
Clip Image Filter Effect20140714
Lumia SensorCore FAQ20140323
Wide Angle Lens Effect20140818
FishEye lens filter effect20140707
Template universal app for video recording with MediaCapture using Imaging SDK Filters20140630
Pop Art filter effect Halftoning using Imaging SDK20140804
Gaming Services on Nokia X20140608
Template app for developing Imaging SDK Effects20140602
Using BugSense Analytics for bug tracking on Windows Phone20140525
How to create customized Popup in WP820140608
Implementing Notifications in Nokia X with Azure Mobile Service20140511
Reusing code for Windows Phone 7, 8 and 8.120140511
Using Windows phone 8.1 light sensor20140504
Porting J2ME apps to Nokia X using J2ME Android Bridge20140525
Flickr Rss reader with SAX, Picasso in Nokia X20140602
Cross-platform development for Nokia X & Asha20140504
Creating widgets for your Nokia X platform applications20140427
Integrating Vserv Ads in Nokia X20140518
Deep Linking to Store on Nokia X20140420
Custom theme on Nokia X20140413
AdMob on Nokia X20140406
Windows Phone ads providers performance20140413
Implementing Streetview functionality with HERE Maps20140316
How to handle JSON strings with Windows Phone20140323
Using Mailchimp to manage a Windows Phone Beta test20140427
Utilizing HERE Maps with components using v4 fragments20140330
How to create a Settings Flyout using Visual States and Blend20140316
Nokia X FAQ20140323
Twitter using TweetSharp Library on Windows Phone20140330
Porting the Rate My App component to the Asha software platform20140216
How to set WebBrowser control viewport dimensions on Windows Phone20140216
Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 820140209
Understanding LWUIT List20140202
Transfer an Image with NFC20140223
Using Crypto++ library with Windows Phone 820140112
Custom Effects in Nokia Imaging SDK: Pixelate and Color Quantizer20140615
How to create a magnifying lens application in Asha platform20140209
Creating Emergency alerting app ("Dead man switches")20140126
Image control using 9-patch rescaling for Windows Phone20140105
Creating a beautiful mosaic effect using the Nokia Imaging SDK20140119
Augmented reality for fun using Nokia Imaging SDK filters20140406
Advanced Techniques for Big UI20140309
Custom Filter QuickStart for Nokia Imaging SDK20140518
Creating an RSVP Reader for Asha devices20140112
UI Framework for XNA and MonoGame with high DPI support20140420
Tiltshift effect using Nokia Imaging SDK20140126
Building a communication system for visually impaired users on the Asha software platform20131229
Semantic Zoom in Windows Phone 820140302
Building a health app for the developing world20140119
Data validation using Fluent Validation in Windows Phone20131215
Double Sides Flipping Control - Windows Phone20131222
Creating and optimizing a custom effect for the Nokia Imaging SDK20131229
How to use the EqualizerControl in the Java ME AMMS API20140302
Using the PIM API to create Medication Reminders20140105
Using Bluetooth Heart Rate monitor from Java ME20131124
How to get pitch and roll from accelerometer data on Windows Phone20131117
How to create a toggle image on Windows Phone20131208
NFC Questions - a text based game for Windows Phone20131110
Application update prompt using Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit20131124
How to run a successful beta test on Windows Phone20131103
Testing VoIP API with a locally configured VoIP server20131027
Handwriting overlay lens app for Windows Phone20131027
How to pin the application tile to the start screen from code20131020
How to detect the audio path (headset connection) on Windows Phone20140202
Tabbed interface with Pivot animation for Windows Phone20130922
Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK20131006
How to keep a UI element in view when scrolling a page in Windows Phone20131201
Creating applications for multiple Nokia Java ME platforms20130915
Storing user preferences in Java ME20131020
Memory-efficient Navigation in Very High Resolution Images on Windows Phone20130908
HDR I - Implementing High Dynamic Range filters using Nokia Imaging SDK20130915
Azure Mobile Services - Implementing Push Notifications20130818
Using the proximity sensor in Java ME20130901
Using Nokia Imaging SDK in a Windows Phone game20130811
Optimizing Imaging SDK use for rapidly changing filter parameters20130929
Implementing an AM/FM radio in Java ME20130728
Real-time camera effects on Windows Phone 7 and 820130825
Getting started with Inneractive Advertisement for Java ME20130818
Checking for updates from inside a Windows Phone app20130728
Developing Nokia Asha apps on Linux with Netbeans20130825
Generating and scanning barcodes using ZXing on Windows Phone20130804
Adding multilingual support to your Windows Phone application using the Multilingual App Toolkit20130721
Handling multitouch in Java ME20130721
Image processing showcase using the AMMS API in Java ME20131006
How to improve your coding standards using StyleCop20130714
How to integrate store review into an app on Windows Phone20131013
Audio mixing in Java ME20130929
Audio recording and playback options in Windows Phone20130901
Image processing using Java ME20130714
Custom Live Tile Layout with UserControl as image source20130707
Phone Setting API on the Asha software platform20130922
Network State API for Java ME20130630
Porting from Nokia Asha to Series 4020130811
Localizing a Java app on the Asha software platform20130623
Creating LCDUI Custom Components: CategoryBar20131201
Azure Mobile Services on Windows Phone20130630
Nokia notifications on the Asha software platform20130616
Creating LCDUI Custom Components: SearchBar20130707
How to add Flurry Analytics to your Windows Phone app20130623
Custom Color Picker for Windows Phone20130616
Splatting 2D blood in games built with MonoGame20130609
Getting Started with Nokia Asha SDK Templates20130609
Developing Nokia Asha apps on Linux20130804
How to use basic image processing features of AMMS (JSR-234)20140309
Porting MIDlets from Symbian to Nokia Asha20130519
Implementing advert in Windows Phone app using Inneractive with CSharp20130512
How to debug Windows Phone HTML5 Apps20130526
HTML Page parsing using HTMLAgilityPack20130602
Getting Started with Unity 3D on Windows Phone20130414
Integrating your social presence with the Digital Marketing Toolkit website20130421
How to use SQLite in Windows Phone20130428
Windows Phone 8 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth20130407
Fullscreen XNA games on Windows Phone 8 devices20130331
MonoGame on Windows Phone 8 Post-Processing Your Game20130310
Points to consider before submitting an app to the Windows Phone Store20130224
J2ME clients for JSON services made easy: the complete implementation20130303
Stegafoto: a lens which embeds audio and text inside images20130217
3D print a shell for your Nokia Phone20130127
Movie Reviews Nokia Asha Web App20130210
Map with directions in Windows Phone 820130203
Series 40 UI design usability testing webinar - companion article20121230
Use NFC tags with Windows Phone 820130324
Creating a Lens application that uses HLSL effects for filters20130113
Series 40 UI design for monetization enablers webinar - companion article20121202
Drawing shapes with Windows Phone maps API20121209
Draggable markers with Windows Phone maps API20121223
Windows Phone 8 SDK on a Virtual Machine with Working Emulator20130106
What's new in Windows Phone 820121105
Windows Phone Native C++ and DirectX - First Direct3D App, setting up Touch and Sensors20121111
Series 40 UX checklist webinar - companion article20121216
Graphics scalability approaches for Series 40 Java ME apps20130120
Silverlight animation with Expression Blend (and no code)20121118
Drag & Drop in Windows Phone20121125
HubTile in Windows Phone20121021
Application Bar for Windows Phone20120923
Audio Noise Reduction in Windows Phone20120909
Using Swipe Events with dynamic content in Nokia Asha Web Apps20130908
WebBrowser Control Techniques in Windows Phone20120826
Creating an Ad component in LWUIT20131103
Displaying Nokia Maps in a Form in Java ME20140223
Creating a Map Type Selector for the Maps API for Java ME20121007
Facebook authentication in Windows Phone application20120813
How to send a message to a given port as SMS with Java ME20131110
Playing whacking game with Accelerometer Sensor20120916
Brushes in Windows Phone20120902
Optimising Nokia Asha Web Apps for speed by eliminating server round trips20120930
Extending the Windows Phone Pictures Hub20120819
Game development for Series 40: Main menu implementation20120805
Adding In-App Advertising to Nokia Asha Web Apps20121014
Mapping points of interest using Java ME20131117
Game development for Series 40 : adding touch support20120722
Implementing Pinch zooming with Gesture API for Maps in Java ME20120729
Porting from BlackBerry to Series 4020121028
Rapid game development for Series 40 with NetBeans Visual Designer and Game Builder20120708
Showing ads in OpenGL ES context20120610
Augmented Reality Applications with NyARToolkit and Qt3D20120603
Creating Touchable Custom Map Components for the Maps API for Java ME20120617
Streaming MP3 player in WP720120520
QHdrCamera component for High Dynamic Range Imaging20120624
Real-time edge detection in camera viewport20120527
Picasa Image Gallery with JSON in Window Phone20120506
Quick guide to add multilanguage support to your QML application20120513
QML Performance Meter20120429
How to use QShake to detect and manage phone shaking20120401
How to create a marker tooltip with Maps API for Java ME20120415
Nokia Maps for WP7 using Bing Map Control20120408
Porting the Premier League app from WRT to Qt Quick20120422
QML Change Password Dialog20120325
Techniques for memory analysis of Windows Phone apps20120318
Content Handling with Maps API for Java ME20131013
Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB20120304
Movies in Finnkino Theatre's20120129
How to create calendar component using Qt Quick20120212
Employees app with XML parsing and messaging in WP20120122
Using Microsoft Advertising Control in Windows Phone apps20120205
HERE Maps API - Converting from JavaScript to KML20120115
Using QDeclarativeImageProvider for speeding up Symbian QML app installation20111225
Uri Mapping in Windows Phone 720111218
NFC enabling a Bluetooth Headset using Qt20120108
How to synchronize a network update on N9 in QML20111204
Converting Google Maps for JavaScript to HERE Maps20120101
Using the RESTful Map API with Java ME20111127
Determining Current Location via Cell ID20131222
Google Weather for Qt and Windows Phone20111120
Basic Web Browser in Qt and Windows Phone20111113
Porting Symbian Qt Apps to Nokia N920111030
Logic Gates Example App using Meego Harmattan Qt Quick Components20111009
Application Life Cycle - Windows Phone20110918
Nokia MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan Components- QuickStart20111211
Creating GUI applications for Qt and WP7 using HTML20110821
Creating video for Series 40 devices20110731
How to play video in Qt on MeeGo using GStreamer20110911
Using the PositioningManager from Maps API for Java ME20110717
QML Drag-and-drop20110816
Nokia Asha web apps - Swipe Events20110904
How to calculate and show a route with Maps API for Java ME20111016
Simple QML EBook Reader20111002
Inside NFC: Usages and Working Principles20110703
Transparent QML Apps20120311
Windows Phone Platform Security20110725
How much interface can you fit into a single icon?20110626
Simple Splash Screen in QML20120226
Showing QML elements based on platform20110515
About NFC20110508
Prepare your application for Nokia E620110501
Symbian Browser and Web Runtime 7.3 for Developers20110425
Nokia Asha web apps - FAQ20110417
Implementing an Autocomplete Line Edit component for Qt Quick20110410
Introduction to QML for Web developers20110313
Implementing a Rotary Dialer with QML20111023
How to create a Collapsible Panel with QML20110320
How to create a Page Control component in QML20110306
Using the RESTful Map API in QML20110619
QML OAuth20110403
Simple Qt timer application in QML20110327
QML Tag Cloud20110612
Jigsaw Puzzle for QML Beginners20110220
How-to create a persistent settings database in Qt Quick (QML)20111102
Publishing Qt apps to the Nokia Store20110213
Getting Started with Qt Quick and the Qt SDK v1.120110206
A QML Memory Game Tutorial20110130
Carousel Animation with the Qt graphics view framework20110102
Creating a spinnable disc with QML20110109
Using QML ListView20101219
Bubble Kid QML game20101205
Custom QML Component: Website Thumbnails20101212
Qt C++ and QML integration, context properties and GPS compass20101226
Incremental Search with Qt20101128
Qt Kinetic scrolling - from idea to implementation20110116
Migrating from Avkon to QWidget: UI component comparison20101121
Turning phone into magnetic compass using Qt mobility project20101114
Using valgrind with Qt Creator20101107
Split view input in Symbian C++ applications20101017
How to use the LCDUIUtil API20101010
Getting started with the Gesture API & FrameAnimator API20100912
GStreamer on Symbian using Carbide C++20100919
Discovering nearby Bluetooth services with the QBluetoothZero library20100905
Qt MeeGo handset SDK how to install and use on Linux Ubuntu 10.04 LTS20100829
Hybrid Application Generator20101031
Create a WRT podcast application using the Guarana API20100801
Device and feature detection on the mobile web20100704
Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian20110523
Using QDomDocument to parse XML20101024
Creating database driven applications using Qt20100725
Qt mobility application: QtMirror20100422
Web Runtime widgets in Nokia Symbian^3 devices20100613
Qt Quick examples for porting20110123
JSR 172: XML Parsing Example20131208
Gesture Recognizer for Java ME20100425
Porting WRT widgets to Qt applications20100328
Create your first WRT widget using an IDE20100228
Launching Java apps at phone startup20100905
On demand Web TV – have your favorite channels with you20101003
Create Flash Applications with Carbide.c++20100103
J2ME API Bridge Interface for accessing native Symbian apps/services20100418
Homescreen widget guidelines20091220
JavaScript Performance Best Practices20100110
How to create a new Component for the Guarana UI Library20100221
Porting iPhone web app to WRT on Nokia devices20100627
How to use USB cable connection in Java ME20100207
Create your first WRT widget20091109
How to develop a simple website using Nokia Mobile Web Templates20100307
Installing Qt and running demos in Maemo 5 SDK20091206
Maemo 5 SDK installation for beginners20091025
Microlog - a Log4j-based tool for Java ME20091011
Floggy Framework: RMS no more!20091115
Parsing XML files with NanoXML20091101
How to use SoftNotification API in Java ME20090927
Publishing to Ovi Store FAQ20090726
Ovi – Opportunities for developers20100214
Designing appealing mobile web pages20090712
Mobilising websites: building a Web Runtime widget for Bing20091018
Mobilising websites: building a WRT widget for the Nokia Developer website20090816
How to update WRT widgets without installing a new version20101004
How to drive radio-controlled car with Nokia N97 or Nokia 6260 Slide devices20090705
Java Porting Strategies20090628
Using built-in GPS and Google Maps for JavaScript in WRT to display your current position20090614
How to get accelerometer sensor values in Java ME20090524
Mobilising your Web Service20090503
How to configure Java ODD over WLAN with Eclipse and NetBeans IDEs20090405
How to use Qt Creator IDE20090419
Getting started with PyQt for Maemo20090322
How to launch a MIDlet remotely via SMS or locally via an Alarm with PushRegistry in Java ME20120715
How to show city locations in a map using Qt and Google Maps for JavaScript20090920
TouchUI: Event from hardware to software20090125
AppLauncher - S60 5th Touch UI20081221
Adding a new calendar event in Java ME20131215
Using basic touch gestures20081214
WRT Service API Synchronous and Asynchronous calls20081130
A tour to the S60 Touch UI components20081207
S60 Sensor Framework20081102
Maemo multimedia applications - Part I20080928
How to load images dynamically on WRT Widgets20081005
Detecting accelerometer sensor on Symbian C++ (Hourglass)20080907
Simple RGA application20081026
S60 View Architecture with UI Design20080831
Listening asynchronously for incoming SMS messages in Java ME20120701
Using the Java ME PureMVC Framework20110605
How to create a server from scratch20091129
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 720080824
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 620080824
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 520080824
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 420080825
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 320080824
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 220080824
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 120080824
Basic Python Elements20081012
Getting started with Java ME20100711
Trace Function Enter, Exit and Leave20081116
Landmarks/web client example using Carbide.c++ and UI designer20090301
How to listen to radio in Java ME20130317
AT Commands20080914
Design Patterns in Symbian20091227
SMS operations using Symbian C++20090531
Development options for Series 4020100926
How to use RDebug20081110
Java Security Domains20100215
How do I start programming for Symbian OS?20090809


Article Date
Archived:Sharing Cinemagraphs in your Windows Phone 8 App20130505
Archived:Getting started with Carbide.c++ and Qt20090104
Archived:Google Maps With QWebView20110529
Archived:How to install and use the Qt SDK Remote Compiler20100718
Archived:Streaming 3GP multimedia content to Flash Lite using RTSP20100620
Archived:Using Flickr API in FlashLite20100606
Archived:Playing external Flash Video in FlashLite3.x20100516
Archived:Porting Mobile Applications to Qt20100523
Archived:How to get accelerometer data of N900 using Qt20100502
Archived:Display contact informations and locations in Google Maps with Flash Lite 3.120100404
Archived:Getting started with MADDE on Windows20100411
Archived:Capturing and uploading image, video or audio files to server with Flash Lite and APIBridge20100314
Archived:How to implement a Relative Map using GPS in Flash Lite 3.020100321
Archived:Upload Photos to TwitPic with PySymbian20100117
Archived:Flash Lite API Bridge Interface20091213
Archived:Zoom and Rotate Gestures in FlashLite for touch-enabled devices20091122
Archived:How to access Symbian resources in WRT or Flash Lite, using PySymbian20090830
Archived:Static GoogleMaps API in JavaScript20100131
Archived:How to develop brick-breaker game in PySymbian - Part 320090802
Archived:How to develop brick-breaker game in PySymbian - Part 220090802
Archived:Configuring Eric IDE for PySymbian development20090913
Archived:How to develop brick-breaker game in PySymbian - Part 120090802
Archived:GridMenu Component for Flash Lite20090823
Archived:How to use S60 Platform Services to create accelerometer based user interaction with Adobe Flash Lite20110530
Archived:Toolbar on canvas for touch and non touch Symbian devices20090621
Archived:Getting started with the m language20090510
Archived:How to display transparent PNG on canvas with masks in PySymbian20090607
Archived:Customized PySymbian listbox on canvas with images support20090412
Archived:How to use touch events with PySymbian20090329
Archived:Mobile Extensions20090315
Archived:How to detect touch gestures in Flash Lite20090308
Archived:Express Signed for Flash Lite apps20100124
Archived:How to create a Symbian C++ project with Unit Tests20090208
Archived:PySymbian basic user interface app framework20090222
Archived:Localization Example for PySymbian20090201
Archived:Creating C PySymbian extensions using Carbide.c++20090118
Archived:Getting started with Qt for Maemo20090906
Archived:Multi Language Hello World using QtDesign in Qt for Symbian20090111
Archived:Getting started with Qt20120219
Archived:How to create a chat by Bluetooth using Kuneri Lite20100808
Archived:How to develop a Geo-scheduler application - Part 120080810
Archived:Displaying GPS position using Google Static Maps images in Flash Lite20080817
Archived:How to create a Flash Lite weather application using Web services20080803
Archived:How to use Google Static Maps data in mobile applications20080713
Archived:Dynamic Layout control for Flash Lite20081019
Archived:Wireless Information Sharing Engine20080720
Archived:How to develop Flash Lite games for Nokia series 40 and S60 devices20090524
Archived:Communicating with Flash Lite from JavaScript in a widget (WRT)20080921
Archived:How to package Flash content in a Widget20080727


These articles are translations of featured articles:

Article Date
Editar efeitos da camara em tempo real no Windows Phone 7 e 820130825
Como melhorar as práticas de programação utilizando o StyleCop20130714
Instalar o SDK do Windows Phone 8 numa Máquina Virtual e ter o Emulador funcional20130106
Novidades no Windows Phone 820121105
Mapa com direções no Windows Phone 820130203
Archived:Capturando áudio, vídeo ou imagens e fazendo o upload do arquivo usando Flash Lite e APIBridge20100314
Archived:Configurando a Eric IDE para desenvolvimento em PySymbian20090913
Archived:WRT WidgetでJavaScriptからFlash Liteに通信する方法20080921