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This page contains featured videos for Windows Phone category.

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Week 14 - April 1st 2012

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Match'em Poker is a Nokia showcase example application that demonstrates an efficient way to implement a sprite-based 2D game using custom animations with Open GL ES 2.0.

This project studies porting of an OpenGL ES game from iOS to the Qt platform using Qt GameEnabler with minimal efforts, and similar porting to Windows Phone/XNA as well.

The Match'em Poker game is a 'match 3' type game where you can switch the cards on a grid to form different poker hands in any direction. Fill the score meter to advance to the next level. The score meter drops continuously with time. If it reaches zero, the game is over.

This example is hosted in Github: . There you can find implementation and porting notes, discover recent revisions, and contribute to the project.

Week 13 - March 25th 2012

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Launched two years ago by Spain's El Mundo, Orbyt offers digital news content to consumers on a variety of platforms, including a new app for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones. They decided to create a mobile application because their readers are changing their habits when it comes to how they get news and information. Now they can access news, as well as video and photo galleries, in a way that is impossible to get from a traditional newspaper.

According to Enrique Rivas, Product Manager of Unidad Editorial, individuals can download the newspaper that they want to read in one minute, and then enjoy the content wherever they are, even without an internet connection.

Rivas says there are two things that make the new app unique. One is the power of the brands that individuals can find inside the app; and the other is the features of Windows Phone that enhance the app, including the Metro panorama experience. "It is totally different from the features that other operating systems have at the moment," says Rivas. "It enhances the app, and creates a very good user experience for our readers."

"The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is definitely a good idea," says Rivas. "Two leaders in the sector known for being innovative and working together they have only one possibility: success."

Week 10 - March 4th 2012

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Founded in 1976, El País is the leading newspaper in Spain, with 400,000 copies printed during the week, and two million unique users online everyday, notes Borja Echevarría, Deputy Editor at El País.

"From the development experience, we realized there is a more homogeneous user experience by leveraging the functionality that Windows Phone [enables] within the development kit," says Jesús Moreno, Digital Content Director for El País. There are multiple sections of the newspaper available within the app, and the user can drag and drop the order that those sections will be displayed. The Metro panorama feature in the app allows for an easy to browse experience between both news stories and different sections. Users can pin different sections of the paper to the home screen as a Live Tile, and there is full-screen video content. Consumers can download stories to read offline, too.

"We are very happy with the final application," says Moreno. "It is a very clean, efficient, and practical-to-use application in order to read news every day."

Find out how to get started developing apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones:

' Week 9 - February 26th 2012

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David Crawford, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft, discusses the most common design hurdles facing Windows Phone developers, and provides tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls. Crawford also discusses best practices for branding applications.

' Week 5 - January 29th 2012

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Andrew Sinkov, Vice President of Marketing and Damian Mehers, Senior Software Engineer at Evernote, talk about developing their mobile Evernote app. This Windows Phone app makes it easy for consumers to store memories as pictures, audio, or however they arise, wherever they arise. These memories are then stored safely and available to the consumer, over the web, on any device. Damian talks about how Nokia and Microsoft helped from the very beginning in creating Evernote for Windows Phone, including providing feedback on the app before it was released. Learn more here:

Week 4 - January 22nd 2012

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Reza Alizadeh, an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft focused on Windows Phone, spoke at the AT&T Developer Summit that took place during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas, where he gave an in-depth tutorial about how to build a top Windows Phone app. Reza shared ideas for how to gain visibility with your mobile app, and increase user retention. He demonstrated quick ways to take advantage of integration options available for Windows Phone, including: Pictures Hub Extensions; Music and Video Hub Integration; and via App Connect to integrate with Bing Search. He also demonstrated how to easily create Live Tiles and Secondary Tiles for your mobile app, and much more. See how easy it is to develop your top app for Nokia Lumia smartphones:

Week 3 - January 15th 2012

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More and more developers are finding Windows Phone an ideal platform on which to develop and deliver their apps. Leading service providers and app developers Evernote, Netflix, and Univision talk about how they have leveraged Windows Phone and the Metro UI to deliver unique, easy to use applications that empower and liberate their consumers. With insights from Alfredo Rojas, Andrew Sinkov, Anthony Park, Damian Mehers, and Jose Hernandez; you will discover how leading developers see the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft: Bringing together the best of hardware and software expertise, to deliver a complete and outstanding customer experience.