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Porting Android (Java) applications to Java ME on S60 5th Edition

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Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language so we should recommend to port android application to s60 5th edition in java basically J2ME.



Application Development

Android has virtual machine called dalvik and it has API implemented by itself which has syntax similar to java but totally implemented by google and open handset alliance so how we will achieve that kind of functionality using JSRS provided by Sun microsystem and java.

Java Platform

Android has the latest version of 1.5. In this version there is support of different functionality and most of which can be achieved in Nokia s60 5th edition expect open GL support.

Coding Style

Generally xml files plays major roles in android application but if we see our j2me application which does not have generally xml file playing major role in application. In android application to create User Interface generally developer uses xml file and refer each component by I.D but most of the development language used in s60 5the edition refers each component by name by declaring it in the source file itself.


To get details description about each classes you can refer docs available for both platform. Generally APIS which is used for business logic are similar. It uses the concept of activity and intent which we can port into our platform's event architecture and APIs provided by it.

API Similarities and Difference

The android have following java packages. Supported.jpg

The following java packages is not available in android which is so similar to J2ME as most of it is not included in j2me too by considering the small devices limitation.

Not Supprted.jpg


Nokia - Jad, Jar

Android - .apk(using Ant)


Nokia supports: VeriSign, thawte, Java Verifed Certificate etc

Android supports: by private key ( Tools like Keytool and Jarsigner)


Permission of Resource

In android the developer need to set permission in the manifest file of android project to let the application or user to access the resource while in j2me if application is not sign then application will ask the permission to user while executing it and by signing it will be secure so there is no need of permission confirmation for most of the resource.

Data Storage on device


android : SQLite database.

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