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Porting Qt Quick Application to Meego Harmattan Qt Quick Application

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This article explains how to port your Qt Quick application to Meego Harmattan Qt Quick application using Qt SDK Qt SDK 1.1.3.

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Devices(s): Nokia N950, Nokia N9
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Created: chintandave_er (24 Sep 2011)
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This wiki demonstrate how to port your Qt Quick application to Meego Harmattan Qt Quick application using Qt SDK Qt SDK 1.1.3.


You have installed Qt SDK 1.1.3 in your workstation to create any Meego Harmattan application. You can download it from this link

How to

To port you application you just need to follow below step using Qt SDK 1.1.3. Its very easy with Qt SDK 1.1.3. In this article, I will port my WaterBubble Qt Quick Game to Meego. You can get more details about Water Bubble Game on this article.

1. Create New Qt Quick Application Project

- Go to File > New File or Project > Qt Quick Project Template > Qt Quick Application.

Ss1 porting.png

2. Select Qt Quick Application Type

- Select Qt Quick Application type "Built in Elements Only (For all Platform)"

Ss2 porting.png

3. Select Target Harmattan

- Select Target Harmattan as in screenshot.

Ss3 porting.png

4. Select Application Icon

- Select appropriate application icon having size 80x80.

Ss4 porting.png

5. Replace your QML file

- Now you can see the Qt Quick application created with sample main.qml in it.

Ss5 porting.png

- Replace your Qt Quick application's QML file as it was in your old Qt Quick application. Delete the sample main QML file.

Ss6 porting.png

But dont forget to change the starting qml file name in Source >> Main.cpp file.

#include <QtGui/QApplication> 
#include "qmlapplicationviewer.h"
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
QApplication app(argc, argv);
QmlApplicationViewer viewer;
return app.exec();

6. Start Meego Emulator

- To start Meego Emulator on Qt SDK 1.1.3 , click on Left Bottom Button as seen on Screenshot. Before start it is look like in screenshot with small green start button on it.

Ss7 porting.png

After click on it, you can see the Meego Emulator is starting as seen in screenshot below.

Ss8 porting.png

Once it fully start you can see the Meego various application icon.

Ss9 porting.png

7. Run the Project

- Run your project, by click on Run button. You can see your application running on Meego Emulator and you can see your application icon after kill the running process or exit the application as below.

Ss10 porting.png

8. Application running on Emulator

- You can see your Qt Quick application running on Meego Emulator.

Ss11 porting.png

Ss12 porting.png

9. Find Package .deb file

- Get the package .deb file with version number in name (in my case waterbubble_0.0.1_armel.deb) in Application Folder. That will use as setup file for Meego Harmattan Platform.

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