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QAugmentedReality - Local based augmented reality component

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Devices(s): Nokia N8, Nokia C7-00
Platform Security
Capabilities: Location, NetworkServices,UserEnvironment,ReadUserData
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Camera, GPS, Compass
Created: galazzo (13 Jun 2012)
Last edited: galazzo (13 Jun 2012)


QAugmentedReality is a camera component that provides all functionalities to create your own local based augmented reality application like Nokia City Lens.


The component built entirely from scratch, inherits all camera features adding GPS, Accelerometer and Compass support.
Anyway the component's strenght is the model support that allows you to easy manage your data to display. To add a pin into your scene you just need to add a QAugmentedRealityCameraItem element to QAugmentedRealityCameraModel to obtain a result like below:

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