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QML Geohelper Plugin

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Created: (29 Aug 2014)
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Geohelper plugin to expose Qt mobility location geoservice apis to Qml environment

This snippet can be self-signed.


Qt 4.7.1 or newer and Qt mobility 1.1.0 or newer installed

Pro file (optional)

The following capabilities and libraries are required:

CAPABILITY: symbian:TARGET.CAPABILITY = NetworkServices Location ReadUserData WriteUserData

Header file

geohelper.h applying this macro to definitions of member functions to allow them to be invoked via the meta-object system

#include <QObject>
#include <QMap>
#include <QGeoServiceProvider>
#include <QGeoMappingManager>
#include <QGeoSearchManager>
#include <QGeoRoutingManager>
#include <QDeclarativeEngine>
#include <QGeoRouteReply>
#include <QGeoRouteRequest>
#include <QGeoCoordinate>
#include <QDeclarativeItem>
#include <QGeoMapPolylineObject>
#include <QGeoMapPixmapObject>
#include <QGeoMapTextObject>
class GeoHelper : public QObject
Q_PROPERTY(QDeclarativeItem* map READ map WRITE setMap)
explicit GeoHelper(QObject *parent = 0);
QDeclarativeItem *map() const {return mapitem; }
void setMap(QDeclarativeItem *map) { mapitem = map; listRef = QDeclarativeListReference(mapitem, "objects");};
Q_INVOKABLE void findRoute(double fromLatitude, double fromLongitude, double toLatitude, double toLongitude);
Q_INVOKABLE void findAddress(double latitude, double longitude);
Q_INVOKABLE void findCoordinates(QString street, QString city, QString country = QString("FINLAND"));
Q_INVOKABLE void clearMap();
Q_INVOKABLE void removeFromMap(QString id);
Q_INVOKABLE void drawPolyline(QString id, QString coordinateArr);
Q_INVOKABLE void drawImage(QString id, double latitude, double longitude, QString imagepath, int xOffset, int yOffset);
Q_INVOKABLE void drawText(QString id, double latitude, double longitude, QString text);
Q_INVOKABLE void findObjectsInCoordinates(double latitude, double longitude);
void searchError(const QString &error);
void routingError(const QString &error);
void searchReply(const QString &reply);
void routingReply(const QString &reply);
void geomapobjectSelected(QString id, bool selected);
void debugMsg(const QString &reply);
private slots:
void searchErrorSlot(QGeoSearchReply *reply, QGeoSearchReply::Error error, QString errorString = QString());
void searchFinishedSlot(QGeoSearchReply *reply);
void routingErrorSlot(QGeoRouteReply *reply, QGeoRouteReply::Error error, QString errorString);
void routingFinishedSlot(QGeoRouteReply * reply);
QGeoServiceProvider* provider;
QGeoMappingManager* mappingManager;
QGeoSearchManager* searchManager;
QGeoRoutingManager* routingManager;
QDeclarativeContext* context;
QDeclarativeItem* mapitem;
QMap<QString, QGeoMapObject *> mapobjects;
QDeclarativeListReference listRef;
#endif // GEOHELPER_H

Source file

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Test application and other attachments (optional)

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