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Using location data and web maps in QML

In this wiki article I describe how you can use web maps and location data in your Qt Quick application. We also see how to integrate CPP and QML code and QML Code and JS code running in webkit. We also see how easy it is to use web APIs. Image below shows the application UI.


You can find the application's latest source code from Nokia Projects (https://projects.forum.nokia.com/qmlwebmap)

Application code consists of three major parts:

  1. CPP part (Provides Qt application environment and gets location updates from GPS sensors, sone parts of the UI are also here.)
  2. QML part (Implements major part of the UI by using WebVew element)
  3. HTML part (HTML files used with maps)


C++ code part has one class and main function. I have also included one UI form that has only combobox for map provder selection. Here's the definition of the class:

class Widget : public QWidget
explicit Widget(QWidget *parent = 0);
Q_PROPERTY(QString mapProvider READ mapProvider WRITE setMapProvider NOTIFY mapProviderChanged)
QString mapProvider();
void setMapProvider(QString newMapProvider);
private slots:
void mapProviderSelected(int);
void positionUpdated(QGeoPositionInfo);
void mapProviderChanged(QString);
void posUpdated(double lat, double lon);
Ui::Widget *ui;
QDeclarativeView* m_view;
QGeoPositionInfoSource* m_geoSource;
QString m_mapProvider;

We have a class that inherits QWidget. The instance of this class will be our top-level widget. In the public section we define one property (mapProvider) that is used from QML side. It contains html file name that is used in webView.

Then we define two slots. First one is used when user selects map provider from combo box and second one is connected to QGeoPositionInfoSources' signal positionUpdated. This signal is emitted when device's location changes.

In the signal section we define own signals for map provider change & location update.

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