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=Additional resources=
=Additional resources=
* http://trolltech.com/
* http://qt.nokia.com/
* http://trolltech.com/developer
* http://qt.nokia.com/developer
* Qt Developer/Labs Forums http://labs.trolltech.com/forums/
* Qt Developer/Labs Forums http://labs.qt.nokia.com/forums/
* Other developer community resources http://trolltech.com/developer/community-resources including for example http://qtcentre.org
* Other developer community resources http://qt.nokia.com/developer/community-resources including for example http://qtcentre.org

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Qt (pronounced like "cute) is a cross-platform application framework, which was originally created and developed by Trolltech. Nokia acquired Trolltech in June 2008, and renamed it to Qt as a group within Nokia.

Qt is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux/X11, Windows CE, Embedded Linux, and now for Symbian and Maemo as well.

The S60 support was announced in Symbian Smartphone Show in October 2008 and there is an early tech-review version for early adopters available.

A port of Qt for Maemo (Hildon) is also available.

There are great instructions available, if you want to get started with cross-platform development with Qt.

Available bindings

Although Qt is built around C++, you can use Qt APIs from other languages as well

Additional resources