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QtPhoneRetro - A Qt Widget using Kinetic Animations

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Created: flaviofabricioferreira (23 Dec 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (30 Jan 2013)

This code example provides a reusable QWidget for an old fashioned phone dialer

Note.pngNote: This widget is ready to use in any phone application. When the startcall button is clicked, a signal,is emitted with the number typed at key. The endCall and returnMenu buttons have signals connected too. Then, is easy any developer use the code to create a completed phone application to Symbian or Maemo5 Devices


Old Phone

Learning how use Qt Kinetic animations i have a idea, then i did a Old Phone Widget using button animations to simulate the movement at old phones.

Old phone.jpg

Screen-shoots of QtPhoneRetro Widget



Screen-shoots of QtPhoneRetro Widget at ScratchBox Maemo5


Videos of QtPhoneRetro Running

The media player is loading...

The media player is loading...

Source Code for Download

Note.pngNote: OBS : Is necessary the installation of Qt4.6

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