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QtQuick Maps Examples

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These examples are built Qt SDK released on March 1st 2011, i.e. they are testted with Qt Mobility 1.1.1 and Qt 4.7.2, as well as examples tested only with the SDK's simulator and N8 device. The work is under more enhancement for the given examples. Some examples may not work due to the bugs. You may look into the bug report for the available fix.

Similar examples for Windown phone using Bing maps can be found from Maps Examples for Windows phone wiki article



This is a simple map without any additional code. It simply showing a map without interaction possibilities.

The example is available at‎

Simple map

Hello world map example which has simple panning included in it.

The example available at QML‎

Simple map 2

This is a simple map example added with kinetic panning. The kinetic panning is implemented with C++ Qt code.

The example is available at‎


This example shows how to zoom the map, changing map type, moving to coordinates and getting current coordinate from the map.

The example is available at


This example shows adding & removing markers, polyline & polygon. Toggling visibility, using z-ordering and zooming to map objects

The example is available at‎


This example shows how to handle circle, rectangle & text map objects with the map.

The example is available at‎

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