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Qt Maps Examples

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These are work on progress examples, that are build with currently available public tools. Some examples are not working due bugs, and then there should be a bug report mentioned for seeing the available fix.

Anyway, with some of the examples, do also note the bug QTMOBILITY-841 that prevents selecting map items on some zoom levels.

Also for some reason I did not get gestures working, thus no fancy zooming available yet.



A simple map without any additional code, simply showing a map that has no interaction possibilities.

Example available at HelloMap.zip

Simple map

Hello world map example which has simple panning included in it.

Example available at SimpleMap.zip

Simple map 2

Simple map example with added with kinetic panning

Example available at SimpleMap2.zip


Shows how to do zooming, changing map type, moving to coordinates, and getting current coordinate from the map.

Example available at MapInteraction.zip


Shows adding & removing markers, polyline & polygon. Toggling visibility, using z-ordering and zooming to map objects

Note zooming works on simulator and not in Symbian target device. There is a reported bug on this one QTMOBILITY-876.

Example available at SimpleMapContent.zip


Shows handling of circle, rectangle & text map objects with the map.

Note zooming works on simulator and not in Symbian target device. There is a reported bug on this one QTMOBILITY-876.

Example available at MoreMapContent.zip


Shows different ways on using and loading images to the QGeoMapPixmapObject as well as general marker handlings.

Example available at MapMarkers.zip


An example showing how you could make simple rectangle & circle area selectors. These selectors are used with use in Geo coding & search examples.

Example available at MapAreaSelector.zip


An example showing dynamic polyline handling via touch events. Polyline points can be added by clicking on the map, and removed by clicking on the marker showing the polyline points already added.

Example available at DynamicPolyline.zip


Geo coding example that shows how you can find positions for address. This example also shows how a rectangle area selector could be used inside a dialog.

Geocoding without any area will not work on device, the bug report can be found from QTMOBILITY-1371

Example available at GeoCodeMap.zip


Simple reverse geo coding example showing on how you can get address details of a geo position.

Example available at ReverceGeoCode.zip


An example that shows on how you can use the search. It also shows how to use a circle area selector with the search.

Currently the API appears not to give any results, and there is a bug report for this one QTMOBILITY-1372.

Example available at MapSearch.zip


Very simple two-point routing, without actually doing anything on the route segments etc, simply having two Draggable markers for start&stop points, and then showing the returned route object on the map.

Example available at SimpleRouting.zip


Shows how to get and monitoring location of the device and show it on a map, as well as shows usage of the QGeoAreaMonitor. It also uses circle area selector with the area monitor.

There is a known bug QTMOBILITY-1059 and with devices the QGeoAreaMonitor does not work, since it is null.

Example available at MyLocationMap.zip

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