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Qt Mobility API 需要的能力

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*[[Symbian Signed (Chinese)|如何进行Symbian签名]]
*[[Symbian Signed (Chinese)|如何进行Symbian签名]]
[[Category:S60]][[Category:Lang-CN]][[Category:CN Qt for Symbian]]

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Qt Moblity API 需要的能力

Domain Symbian Capabilities
Bearer Management ReadUserData NetworkServices (NetworkControl for QNetworkSession::stop())
Contacts ReadUserData WriteUserData
Location Location
Multimedia UserEnvironment ReadUserData WriteUserData ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData
Messaging LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData NetworkServices UserEnvironment ReadDeviceData WriteDeviceData
Publish And Subscribe Capability depends on P&S value being read/written. API itself doesn't require any capability.
Service Framework No capabilities requried by itself, the plugins may have capability requirements.
Sensor ReadDeviceData
System Information LocalServices ReadUserData WriteUserData NetworkServices UserEnvironment Location ReadDeviceData
Versit No additional capabilities required.
Document Gallery No capabilities at this stage.
Organizer ReadUserData WriteUserData
Tactile Feedback No capabilities at this stage.

能力集 签名



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