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Qt Mobility API Basic Examples Part 1

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ID Creation date 03rd Apr 2010
Platform S60 5th Edition Tested on devices Nokia N97 Mini
Category Qt for Symbian Subcategory Qt Mobility API
Keywords (APIs, classes, methods, functions): Qt Mobility APIs

Tip.pngTip: Read this article before moving forward: Setting up environment for Qt Mobility API



Qt Mobility API Basic Examples (Part 1)--skumar_rao 19:12, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

Below are list of Examples that demonstrates the capability of Qt Mobility also 6 Sample Applications that can be created using Qt Mobilty APIs.

General Pre-requisite for the examples to run on device

  • Qt 4.6.2
  • Qt Mobility Beta
  • Symbian.C++ 5th Edition (can any other SDK where Qt Mobility is Available)

General Instructions for building the code examples

  • Use Carbide.c++ or ADT to open the project
  • Add certificate and key for ALL-TCB
  • Add pakage file to project
  • Build to get the sisx file



This example shows how to read device information like

  • IMEI
  • IMSI
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • ProductName

using QSystemDeviceInfo and shows on a Qt Dialog



This example shows how to read device display information like 1. Brightness 2. ColorDepth using QSystemDisplayInfo and shows on a Qt Dialog.



This example shows how to read System information like

  • CurrentLanguage
  • AvailableLanguages Array
  • CurrentCountryCode
  • Version [OS, Core & Firmware]
  • Device connection features like
    • Bluetooth
    • CameraFeature
    • FM RadioFeature
    • IrFeature
    • LedFeature
    • MemcardFeature
    • UsbFeature
    • VibFeature
    • WlanFeature
    • SimFeature
    • LocationFeature
    • VideoOutFeature
    • HapticsFeature

using QSystemInfo and shows on a Qt Dialog.



This example gets the device network status also if find the corresponding SignalStrength , Mac Address, NetworkName using QSystemNetworkInfo and shows on a Qt Dialog.



This example gets the all drives connected to device and list corresponding total & available using QSystemStorageInfo and shows on a Qt Table Widget.



This example takes phone number & text body from user and sends a SMS to phone number. It has option to delete the message in case it fails.



This example reads all SMS & MMS messages from phone and displays in a tree like sructure. when a node is selected the user can see the detailed message.



This example reads all contacts and shows as a list.when an element is selected the user can see the detailed of the contact.



This example reads current coordinates (using data network)and shows on a dialog. Mobility API used : QGeoPositionInfoSource & related APIs


Sample Applications using above Qt Mobility APIs

Qt Forward SMS

This Sample application takes a destination Mobile number, and keep an eye on the inbox if a message is received then a notification message will be send to destination phone number with details / full content of the received SMS


Qt SMS Preview

This Example application keep an eye on the inbox if a message is received this application will show a Dialog with full content / summary of the sms on screen. By using this application user donot have to open viewer to see what the message is all about.

Note: For SMS Monitoring the Qt Extension APIs are used (this sample application will be updated to use Qt Mobility only in future.)


Qt Call Alert

This Example application observes of any calls and sends a message to a predefined number.

Note: For Call Monitoring the Qt Extension APIs are used (this sample application will be updated to use Qt Mobility only in future.)


Qt iReached

This example application will send a message to a predefined number when phone detects a pre-fixed co-ordinates by user.


Qt AntiTheft

This example application will detect SIM change and send new SIM info's to a pre-defined number, so that user can recover his phone in-case of theft.

Note: this application requires auto-stating a exe on boot-up for that this application uses Symbian "Startup List Management API", will be updated to Qt only when APIs will be made available.


Qt iAmHere

How many times have you spend ages trying to explain somebody where you are so that your friend can come to same position, and waste lots of time and money using call. With this application you can send a SMS that contains a link to your current position, receiver just have to click on the link to see your position on Google MAP.


Reference links

--skumar_rao 19:12, 2 April 2010 (UTC)

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