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Qt SDK 1.1
The Qt SDK 1.1, the next generation of tools for Qt developers, is now shipping. This release includes Qt 4.7.3 and Qt Mobility 1.1.3 APIs, that are now supported by Smart Installer. This means that apps using these latest Qt APIs can be distributed through Ovi Store. The SDK includes support for Qt Quick in the integrated Qt Designer.

Download the Qt SDK 1.1 »


Welcome to the Qt SDK wiki

The Qt SDK is a tool designed to make the development of Qt apps for mobile devices from Nokia easy. Download it for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Apple Mac from here. The SDK builds on Qt Creator with tools that eliminate the need for platform or device specific SDKs. In addition, with versions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and a beta for Apple Mac computers, it frees developers to use the desktop environment they prefer.

As this is the first release you are encourage strongly to provide feedback on the quality, usability, and features of the SDK. Such feedback will be used to guide further development of the tool. Feedback can be provided on the Qt SDK and Tools discussion board or by using the Qt Bug Tracker. The bug tracker is designed for the reporting of bugs and tracking their resolution. In addition, it’s a place where bugs can be discussed with Qt developers and suggestions made for feature improvements. When reporting issues related to the Qt SDK, choose one of the following keywords:

Qt SDK 1.1 (current release)

Download the off-line PC version for the best experience

Known issue in Qt SDK 1.1.1 update: QML design view can't be launched in Mac. See QTSDK-728. We will provide updated packages as soon as possible.

Qt SDK 1.0.2

Download the off-line PC version for the best experience


  • The SDK cannot be installed into the same directory as the beta. Please remove the beta first or install into another location.
  • The Linux versions of this SDK provide for compiling to Maemo only on a computer - see Qt SDK Remote Compiler.
  • The Nokia N900 mobile computer supports applications created with this SDK in firmware version 10.2010.19-1 or later.
  • To package applications for Symbian devices the Nokia Smart Installer for Symbian should be used.
  • Qt SDK online version reloads parts during compilation resulting in slow compilation.

Frequently Ask Questions on known problem with SDK

  • The simulator works but the device build fails
  • The Qt Mobility apis are missing in NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\include folder
  • The standard Qt libraries are missing
  • The Qt Mobility include files are missing when building for some Nokia N series devices (N97,X6,N8)
  • The mobility.prf is missing from C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\mkspecs\features

These all have the same answer download the patch from the known bug report below.
Extract contents of features.zip to C:\NokiaQtSDK\Symbian\SDK\mkspecs

QTSDK-98 features and some other files for Qt Mobility in the Symbian part are missing

QTSDK-243 The Qt SDK online installer keeps downloading the SDK kits on second compilation onwards FIXED version 1.0.2

QTSDK-244 Qt Creator proceeds to uninstall itself after using SDK update and on another drive ONLINE FIXED version 1.0.2

The bug report QTSDK-244 is closed - duplicate refer to This report is a collection of multiple items, which have been reported before:-

QTSDK-185 FIXED version 1.0.2

QTSDK-210 FIXED version 1.0.2

QTCREATORBUG-1649 FIXED version 1.0.2

Previous releases

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