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Qt apps on Nokia X

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{{Note|This is an entry in the [[Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1]]}}
{{Note|This is an entry in the [[Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1]]}}

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Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Nokia X Wiki Challenge 2014Q1

This article explains how you can easily develop applications for NokiaX using Qt

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Devices(s): Nokia X, Nokia X+, Nokia XL
Dependencies: Qt5.2.1 with Android components
Created: tbr23 (17 Apr 2014)
Last edited: croozeus (12 May 2014)



It's a pleasant surprise how easy it is to get the Qt SDK working with Nokia X, at least as tried on Linux. Other users report successful setup on OS X and Windows following the instructions below as general guidance.


The Qt documentation does a mostly good job at explaining its side of the setup:

Note though, that it does not tell you which targets to install using the SDK Updater. At the time of writing this is API Level 16, in the case of Nokia X (aka Android 4.1.2).

Android SDK target selection.png

Make sure you install both the Java JRE and the JDK. To do this on Ubuntu 14.04, run:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jdk openjdk-7-jre ant

In Qt Creator you will need to fill in some paths. You can use the example below for guidance.

Qt Creator Android options.png

You can either create a new QML project in QtCreator, or you can download the File:Hello-world.tar.gz, already configured for Nokia X.

If you create a project from scratch using the wizard, make sure you select the right kit:


Once you create the project, go to the project config and make sure that the API level is configured correctly for Nokia X ("android-16", as of 2014-04-13).


Deploying to your Nokia X

Make sure "adb devices" lists your Nokia, when it's in developer mode and connected over USB. If not add "0x0421" to your adb_usb.ini and restart the adb server.

If you got that right, after pressing the green "run" button on the bottom left you should be presented with this dialogue: Build-deploy-dialogue.png

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