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Read IMEI in S60 2nd edition - PlpVariant API

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Perform following steps to read IMEI in S60 2nd Edition development.


#include <plpvariant.h> //For getting IMEI

Link against: (in your .mmp file)

LIBRARY PlpVariant.lib //For getting IMEI

Copy-Paste following code snippet in your fucntion.

TBuf16<20> iImei16;
//For getting IMEI
#ifndef __WINS__
// This only works on target machine
TPlpVariantMachineId machineid;
// Return a fake IMEI when working on emulator
_LIT(machineid, "123450987685263");
iImei16.Copy(machineid);// You will have IMEI in iImei16 16-bit descriptor variable
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