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Devices(s): Nokia N95, Nokia E90
Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition, S60 3rd Edition, S60 5th Edition
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Created: bogdan.galiceanu (02 May 2009)
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This article shows how to retrieve system information in m.


Retrieving IMSI on Nokia 6600 does not work. The returned value is 000000000000000.

Source code

use system, gsm
print "Machine UID: " + system.hal(5)
print "CPU frequency in kHz: " + system.hal(11)
print "Display width in pixels: " + system.hal(31)
print "Display height in pixels: " + system.hal(32)
print "Display width in twips: " + system.hal(33)
print "Display height in twips: " + system.hal(34)
print "Display colors: " + system.hal(35)
print "System langauge: " + system.hal(68) //Returns 1 for English, 2 for French, 3 for German etc.
print "System drive: " + system.hal(72) //Returns 1 for A:, 2 for B:, 3 for C: etc.
print "Total RAM: " + system.hal(15)
print "Free RAM: " + system.hal(16)
print "Manufacturer and model (firmware): " + system.dev
print "Signal strength: " + gsm.signal() //Value between 0 and 100
print "Cell ID: " + gsm.cid()
print "MCC: " + gsm.net()["mcc"]
print "MNC: " + gsm.net()["mnc"]
print "Short network name: " + gsm.net()["short"]
print "Long network name: " + gsm.net()["long"]
print "LAC: " + gsm.net()["lac"]
print "IMEI: " + gsm.imei
print "IMSI: " + gsm.imsi


The information is displayed.

Additional information

The hal function's argument is an index corresponding to an attribute. See the Symbian OS documentation for a complete list of indexes and attributes.

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