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S40 Web app Icon issue on Asha Software Platforms

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This article explains how to fix the Asha software platform 1.0 and latter showing the default icon instead of the icon you wanted with S40 web app.

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Devices(s): Asha 501 and others in Asha SW platform 1.0 and newer
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Web apps are transformed into Java apps, so they can be installed on the device. There is a problem with the way the apps are transformed and the way Asha Software platforms support the folder structures. We are working on resolving this, but in the meanwhile you can try this as a fix. So if you got a recommendation to fix or got failed QA on some devices, here is something you can do.

How to fix

1) Rename the wgt file into and open it with a winzip/7-zip similar. 2) There is a config.xml file inside. You need to modify that. Open it with an editor. 3) If there is a line like this: <icon src="s40-theme/images/icon.png"/> (this is the bit causing the problem). Change it into <icon src="icon.png"/>. This will instruct the app to use the icon which is in the same folder as config.xml. so if that icon is not the one you want or missing , change also the icon. 4) Replace the modified files in the .zip. Check again that the modifications are correct. 5) Rename that file back to .wgt 6) Submit back to store.


If this raises questions, please ask help from forums: or contact This problem is concerning only Asha Software platforms 1.0 and newer. This modification, when done correctly, will work also on other platforms.

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