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Nokia Imaging SDK Cool Effect Wiki Challenge 2014Q2

Nokia is known for its legendary in-device cameras, and the Nokia Imaging SDK offers a complete toolset for tweaking and managing the photos people capture.

The Nokia Imaging SDK is delivered with a large set of inbuilt filters and effects that can be applied and combined to manipulate an image. In addition, the SDK provides a framework that can be used to extend the SDK with completely new custom filters and effects.

Our wiki community is doing just that. The Nokia Developer Wiki is home to an unparalleled set of developer-created Custom Effects and Filter Recipes that can be used to create compelling imaging applications.

We know this is only the beginning! That's where you come in. We're sure that, given the creativity and brainpower of this community, we can come up with a lot more; making this the best resource for imaging filters on the web. Want to play? Here's how...

There are three ways to create a new effect. From easiest to hardest, you can:

Filters in all of these categories can be entered into the contest. The creator of the three best custom effects submitted in each of the C# and C++ categories will receive a camera grip for the Nokia Lumia 1020 or the equivalent in DVLUP points. The creator of the three best filter recipes will receive a Nokia Portable Universal USB Charger DC-19.

We will also be awarding 100 DVLUP Points and XP to all qualifying contributors in this competition. XP contributes to your DVLUP reputation, and points can be redeemed for exciting DVLUP prizes.

Getting Started

The Nokia Imaging SDK comes with great documentation and examples, which you can find in the Lumia Developer's Library. In particular, the following documents explain how to work with custom effects and filters:

We recommend you download the SDK and dive into the resources above.

How to participate

Create an original Nokia Imaging SDK custom effect (in C# or C++) or filter recipe.

Your filter should contain original content that enhances the existing available Nokia Imaging SDK filters documented in the Wiki and documentation libraries.

To make it interesting we will be breaking the competition into three segments and awarding the prizes as we go. Filters that don't win the first segment will still be eligible for subsequent sections - so there is a benefit to contributing early and improving your filter(s) as the competition progresses.

Challenge rules

Here are the Challenge rules:

  • To enter, add a link to your article as a comment to this article.
  • The article and associated Code Example are submitted under the site Terms & Conditions.
  • Articles must be written in English. Translations may be provided in other languages, but only the English version will be judged.
  • The article should include the text: {{Note|This is an entry in the [[Nokia Original Effect Wiki Challenge 2014Q2]]}}.
  • The article should include the category Category:Nokia_Imaging_SDK_Custom_Effect.
  • Developers can create one or many articles, but there is only one potential prize, and a limit of 100 DVLUP Points and XP, per developer.
  • Teamwork is allowed and even endorsed, but only one prize and a maximum of 100 DVLUP Points and XP will be granted to a winning team. This will go to the person who creates the article initially.
  • The wiki competition will be broken into three segments. Articles must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on the days which mark the competition segments listed below.
    • 20th April (Sun). First segment ends (+3 weeks).
    • 4th May (Sun). Second segment ends (+2 weeks)
    • 18th May (Sun). Final segment ends (+2 weeks)
  • We will announce segment winners within the week following end of each segment. There will be one winner per category per segment.
  • Full terms and conditions to the Wiki Challenge can be found here.
  • The Challenge will begin when this article is publicly published on the Wiki and closes at 11:59 PM PST on 1 June 2014 (the “Challenge Period”). To be eligible for the 100 DVLUP Points and XP, entries must be timestamped before that time.
  • Judging of Entry submissions will begin as soon as the Challenge Period ends. Winners will be announced on or around 20 June 2014.

Eligibility for prizes

To be eligible for the 100 DVLUP Points and XP and consideration as a prize winner, the article must conform to the following rules and regulations:

  • The submitted article must contain steps for using the contributed the filter.
  • The submitted article must not repeat any material already published on, although it’s okay to link to existing documentation as a pre-requisite.
  • A link to the source code that shows the task described in the wiki must be included. This source code should be usable without modification, open-source licensed, logically commented, and preferably hosted on Github.
  • Entries must be submitted and timestamped before 11:59 PM PST on 18 May 2014.

The prizes

The following three prizes will be awarded at the end of each segment (nine in total):

In addition, winning a Nokia Developer Challenge gives you instant fame and kudos in the community and promotion through Nokia Developer channels. It also looks really great on your CV!

We will also be awarding 100 DVLUP Points and XP to all qualifying contributors in this competition.


  • Unless prohibited by local law in the jurisdiction where you live, the device prizes are supplied under a "Device Access Services" warranty. In essence devices are covered by a "manufacturer fault" replacement warranty for 6 months from delivery of the original device.

Evaluation of entries

Entries are judged first and foremost by the usefulness, quality and presentation of their technical information. Multiple entries are encouraged but will be assessed on their individual merits - so a single great entry will win over multiple less-good articles. Each contributor may win a maximum of one prize or 100 DVLUP Points and XP per Wiki Challenge.

The entries will be judged by the Wiki Moderation team and selected Nokia technical experts after the Challenge period. The results for the Challenge are expected to be announced three weeks after the end of the Challenge.

Challenge entries

All entries are listed below.

  • TBD

The Winners

  • TBD

Information for Nokia Employees

Nokia employees and contractors are eligible for this contest with the following limitations:

  • You should use only the published tools and resources - "eat your own dog food"
  • Submissions from the Nokia employees will be judged and prized separately from 3rd party developers. We've reserved 3 Nokia Universal Portable USB Chargers for the best Nokia entries.

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