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This sandbox lists Windows Phone articles that may need review or updating. Please do not edit.


Articles which use ArticleNeedsUpdate template

Articles which use Template:NeedsMoreWork

Articles that have been Template:NeedsMoreWork for over a month should be chased up

Articles using Template:UnderConstruction

Articles that have been Template:UnderConstruction for over a month should be chased up. Note list depends on Template:UnderConstruction.dpl

Articles in DRAFT

Articles that have been in draft for over a month should be chased up. These articles potentially may need to be reviewed to see if the tagging is appropriate - older articles may need to be deleted.

Very small articles

This shows articles ordered by size. A very small article may have an issue. Note that articles with Templates Stub, UnderConstruction, NeedsMoreWork, Archived, or Category:Draft, FNWiki or Glossary are not shown.

Old Stubs

Should review old stubs and determine if they should exist or need to be removed.

Older articles

Articles below listed in order of oldest "major" edit first. This is an indicator that the article hasn't had a significant review for some time. To remove from the list, make a "major edit" of the article - perhaps addition of a reviewer checked marker or similar. Note that this does not display archived topics, FNWiki topics.


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