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Nokia X

Nokia X is a customized platform built on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the software stack upon which some of the most popular smartphones in the world are based. Nokia X lets you leverage your existing Android apps, while taking advantage of Nokia’s optimizations to help you grab more downloads and generate more revenues in targeted markets.

This page contains wiki articles about the Nokia X platform.

Key article lists

How can you help?

We need innovative, real world and "unique" articles showing:

As a starting point, you could consider writing about the following topics:

  • Tips and tricks for porting apps to Nokia X
  • Tips and tricks for porting games to Nokia X
  • Tips and tricks for using the Nokia X platform
  • How to use the services that are unique to Nokia X devices
  • How to integrate cross-platform frameworks with Nokia X, including:
    • Analytics
    • Game leaderboards
    • Advertising
  • How to use the Nokia notifications system with third-party notifications systems and platforms
  • How to use Qt on Nokia X

Other article types are welcome, but remember we want articles that are complementary to (and add value over) the existing resource for Android.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Nokia X Wiki Challenge!