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Selection between SIM1 and SIM2 for Sending an SMS in Java ME on Dual Sim Devices fails

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SIM Manager does not appear, thus preventing a MIDlet from letting the user select the proper SIM/operator for the task and send an SMS with a Java application. This only happens when 2 SIM Cards are being used simultaneously on Dual SIM devices.


By using the Wireless Messaging API it is possible to send an SMS via a Java application. Writing a program that sends an SMS on Dual SIM Devices, works fine if either SIM1 or SIM2 is selected by the user in the SIM Manager. However if "Ask Every Time" is selected, the SIM Selection Window appears only for a very short time (or not all), eventually not letting the user select which SIM will be used for the operation. The device then displays "sending text message", but since no SIM was selected in the previous step, AMS attempts to send the message indefinitely and the control is never returned back to the MIDlet.


How to reproduce

Download and compile the sample code found in the wiki article: Listening asynchronously for incoming SMS messages in Java ME

The following steps are needed in order to reproduce this error:

  1. Two SIM cards need to be placed in the phone.The option "Ask Every Time" should be selected in the SIM Manager as follows:Menu>SIM Manager>Ask Every Time
  2. Install the application on the phone by using Nokia Suite or by just transferring the .jar and .jad files to the memory card. Launch the application.
  3. Type a valid phone number and a text message
  4. Press SEND
  5. Allow the application to Send Text Message to the given number

Actual Result

The SIM Manager appears for a very short time (or not at all). Then the device's AMS takes control and attempts to send the message while the display shows "Sending text message". The later screen remains visible indefinitely as no SIM has been selected for the given task and the control is never returned back to the MIDlet.

Expected Result

The SIM Manager should not disappear. The user should be able to select either SIM1 or SIM2. The screen "Sending text message" should then remain for a while, until the message is sent. As soon as the message is sent, the control should return back to the application.

Affected Devices

This error affects the following Dual SIM devices:

  • Nokia Asha 200
  • Nokia C2-03
  • Nokia C2-00


No known solution is available

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