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Send a new email in Qt

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[[Category:Qt]][[Category:Qt for Symbian]]
[[Category:Qt Mobility]]
{{Abstract|visible=true|This code example shows how to send an email using the Qt Mobility [http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1/messaging.html messaging] API}}.
This code example shows how to use messaging API in Qt for symbian. Code demonstrate how to send email. Code example uses Messaging APIs. Purpose of this code example is to show how to use Qt and QtMoblity APIs to send emails.
<code cpp>
<code cpp>
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== Related topics ==
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* [[Delete messages using Qt Mobility API in Qt for Symbian]]

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This code example shows how to send an email using the Qt Mobility messaging API.

//Create message service objects
QMessageServiceAction* msgAction = new QMessageServiceAction ( this);
// Create a new email
QMessage msg;
// Add required parameters
msg.setTo (QMessageAddress("qt@forum.nokia.com",QMessageAddress::Email));
msg.setSubject("QT email example");
//Set message body
msg.setBody("This is test message!");
// Add Attachments
QStringList attachments;
//Send email message

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