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Series 40: Editions and Feature Packs

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Nokia Series 40 is a platform for mobile phones based on the same core, functionality and some technical details. It is found in more than 100 million devices. There was a Series 30 that doesn't exist anymore. Some of its devices (as Nokia 3595) were upgraded to Series 40.

Series 40 on the surface appears to be a simpler operating system than the higher end S60 and Series 80. Series 40 devices differ from the Symbian-based platforms in that they do not support true multi-tasking and do not have a native code API for third parties and thus do not support installable applications other than MIDlets that are written in Java or applications in Flash Lite. It is primarily because of the former that Series 40 appears to be more responsive and faster than other Nokia platforms.


Series 40 1st Edition

The first edition of this platform supports:

Series 40 2nd Edition

Its devices supports:

Series 40 3rd Edition

Its devices supports:

Series 40 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1

Extending the 3rd Edition, this pack adds:

Series 40 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2

Series 40 5th Edition

More Information

The platform official website is http://www.forum.nokia.com/main/platforms/s40/index.html

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