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Series 40 UI design for monetization enablers webinar - companion article

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This article is companion for the UI design for monetisation enablers for Series 40 Full Touch webinars held in November 2012. It covers both sessions: 13th and 14th November 2012.

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Created: Krebbix (12 Nov 2012)
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How you design and present monetisation interactions requires as much attention to user experience as does the rest of your app. If you use in-app ads or in-app purchasing, this UX webinar is for you. The webinar will walk you through the recommended flows of various monetisation stories in Series 40 full touch. It will also demonstrate common mistakes that developers make and will propose solutions for those problems. As usual for Nokia Developer UX webinars, the presentation will feature exercises that will receive follow-up treatment in a Nokia Developer Wiki article.

The webinar and the wiki article are a great starting point if you’re not a UI design expert. Check out Series 40 UI design library for more advanced information and resources.

This wiki page is the "companion" to the webinar. It includes:

  • Webinar exercises and proposals for how to solve them.
  • Open issues from Q/A
  • Further links and references
  • Future UX webinars
  • Link to slide deck will be added.
  • Link to recording will be added
  • Webinar announcement

Webinar problems

This section contains problems raised in the webinar exercises. The solutions and proposals will be posted after the second webinar session.

  1. Where would you place “buy more levels” button(s) in a game?
  2. What is wrong with this layout?

File:S40UI monetisation 01.png

  1. Which problems occur if you place the ad at the bottom of the view?
  2. What is wrong with this flow (assume you are signed-in already to Nokia Store).

File:S40UI monetisation 02.png

  1. Which checkout concept do you prefer and why?

File:S40UI monetisation 03.png File:S40UI monetisation 04.png

Open issues from Q/A

- Non so far

Further links and references

In-app advertising

In-app purchase

Battle Tank (Nokia DRM demo app)

Tourist Attraction (Custom DRM demo app)

UI Components Demos App

Functional description of in-app purchase

Future webinars

The next (planned) UX related webinar is: Debug your design for Series 40 full touch.

It is important to test your application, not only code wise but also from UX point of view. The webinar will show you very simple and “one-man-band” compatible test methods to find UX bugs and how to deal with them. As usual, this UX webinar will have a wiki companion article for the exercises.

Find more webinar announcements from this link

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