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Series 40 UX checklist webinar - companion article

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This article is companion for the UX Checklist for �Series 40 Full Touch webinars held in October mand November 2012. It covers both sessions: 31 October 2012 and 1November 2012.

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Series 40
Created: Krebbix (29 Oct 2012)
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This webinar provides pointers you can use to do a UX check of your Series 40 full-touch app, even if you have no formal experience in UX design. We will review a checklist of the worst UX mistakes that he and colleagues found in real-world testing of apps. It is not only point out mistakes you may be making, but we’ll also provide specific solutions to those problems. However, this checklist should not be your only UX check you apply to your application.

This wiki page is the "companion" to the webinar. It includes:


  1. A custom view acts as a launchpad screen. Which chrome elements do you add?
  2. How do you open the item menu and what do place in there?
  3. How many touchable items can you fit into a full screen layout?
  4. Which icon sizes are used in Series 40 full touch?
  5. Are these colors compliant?�- Foreground: 33FFAA�- Background: AAFF33?
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