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Series 40 network configuration

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Series 40
Created: hartti (01 Apr 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (25 Jul 2013)

Rough guideline how to set up the network on Series 40 phones

  1. Get the generic network settings for your operator and save them on your phone. I usually browse to another site while waiting for the settings to arrive and hence forget to write down / memorize the pin code needed to install the settings. Do not do the same mistake.
    At this point your browser should be able to connect.
  2. Go to Menu->Settings->Configuration and choose "Activ. default in all apps."
  3. Create an access point which you can then use in your MIDlets.
    Staying in the the same "Configuration settings" menu, select "Personal config. settings". Press "Add" and select "Access point" from the list. Go to "Access point settings"->"Bearer settings"->"Packet data access point" and write the correct access point name here. For me, using Cingular network, the correct one is "Cingular WEB" (that's the name of the settings I received from the online settings service).
    I know that this create access point using a packet data access point seems confusing, but bear with me.
  4. If you want, you can also name this access point, but also the default name "My access point" works well. Do this before returning to the Configuration settings menu.
  5. In the "Configuration settings" menu, select "Preferred access point" and select the access point you just created (in my case "My access point")
  6. Test your MIDlet. If you set up the Data access point correctly, the MIDlet should be connecting to the network just fine.

Another issue related to Series 40 network access is the "KNIEXT _NewGlobalRef failed" error some people have experienced on some Series 40 phones. The cause of this problem is that some previous network connection was not closed properly. This issue can be cured by taking the battery away from the phone for a little while.

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