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Archived:SetTempRingingVolumeL() may fail in some S60 3rd Edition devices (Known Issue)

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ID KIS000757 Creation date September 27, 2007
Platform S60 3rd Edition, MR Plug-in package Devices Reproduced in Nokia E61 and Nokia E90 Communicator
Category Symbian C++ Subcategory Profiles


SetTempRingingVolumeL () is used to set the ringing volume of the active profile. However, the API fails to set the ringing volume in the Nokia E61 and the Nokia E90 Communicator.


MProfileEngine::SetTempRingingVolumeL () API, part of Extensions plug-in package for S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, for C++, MR is used to set the temporary ringing volume of the current active profile to the given value. This API has been found to fail in some S60 3rd Edition devices, for example, the Nokia E61 and the Nokia E90 Communicator.

How to reproduce

Use the following code to reproduce the above problem:

 #include <Profile.hrh>
 #include <mprofileengine.h>  //Link against: profileeng.lib
 MProfileEngine* profileEngine = CreateProfileEngineL( );
profileEngine->SetTempRingingVolumeL( EProfileRingingVolumeLevel1 );

After the execution of this code, go to the Profiles application, personalize the active profile, and check the ringing volume. The ringing volume is not updated.


There is no workaround for this issue. A fix is expected to be available in future firmware releases.

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