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Showing date and time in Symbian Web Runtime

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Devices(s): Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
Platform(s): S60 5th Edition
Keywords: Date, Date.getFullYear(), Date.getMonth(), Date.getDate(), Date.getHours(), Date.getMinutes(), Date.getSeconds()
Created: MiGryz (10 Dec 2008)
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This code snippet shows how to receive the current system date and time using JavaScript's own methods.


Add the components where the time will be printed on the HTML page:

<p id="standardTime"></p>
<p id="customTime"></p>

The following functions handle displaying the time:

* Displays the time in both standard (received from the system) and custom
* (manually built) formats.

function displayTime() {
// Get current date info
var today = new Date();
// Standard format
document.getElementById("standardTime").innerHTML = today;
// Custom format
var y = today.getFullYear();
var m = today.getMonth() + 1; // Starts from 0
var d = today.getDate();
var hh = today.getHours();
var mm = today.getMinutes();
var ss = today.getSeconds();
// Add a zero in front of numbers < 10
m = padTime(m);
d = padTime(d);
mm = padTime(mm);
ss = padTime(ss);
var result = y + "-" + m + "-" + d + " " +
weekDays[today.getDay()] + " " +
hh + ":" + mm + ":" + ss;
document.getElementById("customTime").innerHTML = result;
* If time is represented by one digit, add '0' in front of it.
* @param i the number to convert to two digits
* @return a string representing the number in two or more digits

function padTime(i) {
if (i < 10) {
i = "0" + i;
return i;

Also add the call to setInterval which in this case updates the time every 0.5 seconds.

setInterval("displayTime()", 500);


Time is displayed on the HTML page in both standard (received from the system) and custom (manually built) formats.

Supplementary material

You can view the source file and executable application in the attached ZIP archive. The archive is available for download at Media:Showing date and time in WRT.zip.

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