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Simple Screen Saver (EN)

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Tested with
Devices(s): N91, N73, N95 8Gb
Platform(s): S60 3rd, S60 3rd FP1
By Den123
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The original article is in Russian. You can find it here.

Simple Screen Saver - it is a screen saver that displays the following information:

  • current day of the week
  • date
  • time
  • count of recent missed calls
  • count of unread messages
  • count of new downloaded emails

Screen saver looks like:


Count of recent missed calls and count of unread messages are calculated using the сlasses, that describes in following articles:

But for a screensaver these methods absolutely superfluous as this information can be received as follows:

  TInt err;
  TIndicatorPayload payload;
  TInt missedCalls = 0;
  TInt newMessages = 0;
  //For missed calls
  err = iHost->GetIndicatorPayload ( EScreensaverIndicatorIndexNewMissedCalls, payload );
  if ( !err )
      missedCalls = payload.iInteger;
  //For new messages
  err = iHost->GetIndicatorPayload ( EScreensaverIndicatorIndexNewMessages, payload );
  if ( !err )
      newMessages = payload.iInteger;

and etc. This is not included in the sample.

Class CInfoDrawer is used to loading icons and to displaying information (refresh occurs every ten seconds).

CSSSaver - it is a main class of screen saver. This class is inherits from CScreensaverPluginInterfaceDefinition and defines all necessary methods. You can read the following article about these classes:

How to create screensaver

This screen saver uses display partial mode, that allow reduce energy consumption, but it should be noted, that not all devices support this mode.

Source code of this project:

Attention !

  • Сheck paths in the pkg-file
  • Don't forget to sign sis-file before install
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