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Sprint Java security domains

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Created: hartti (20 Jul 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (25 Jul 2013)

For most recent information about Sprint's Java security domain policy, pleace check the information available on Sprint developer portal.

There are two certificates available for application signing

  • Sprint Nextel Production Root Certificate
  • Sprint Nextel Developer Root Certificate (This certificate is by default inactive and Java code signing certificate from Verisign is required to get a certificate matching this root and then activate the developer root certificate on their devices)

The developer has to sign their MIDlet to get access to the following functionality (in other words unsigned MIDlets cannot access these functionality at all)

  • Read files or personal data (JSR-75)
  • Edit files or personal data (JSR-75)
  • Send SMS message (JSR-120)
  • Capture/playback audio/video and take a snapshot (JSR-135)
  • Locationing (JSR-179)
  • certain fuctionality (not yet specified in the Sprint documentation) in JSR-205 (Wirelessa Messaging API 2.0), and JSR-234 (Advanced Multimedia Supplements)
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