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Storing state on exit in Symbian Web Runtime

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For a complete example, see: [http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/File:StoreStateOnExit.zip StoreStateOnExit.zip][[Category:Technical Solution]][[Category:JavaScript]]
For a complete example, see: [[:File:StoreStateOnExit.zip|StoreStateOnExit.zip]][[Category:Technical Solution]][[Category:JavaScript]]

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Devices(s): Nokia N97, Nokia N97 mini
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Created: (23 Dec 2009)
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In some situations, it might be necessary to store the widget state on exit. One of these use cases is storing the last shown full screen view before the widget is minimised to the home screen by pressing the Exit key. The same view can then be shown to the user the next time the widget is maximised.


To implement this you will need to:

  • detect when the widget has been closed
  • store the state on exit and load state information when the widget is started.

The closing of a widget can be detected by defining an event handler for the widget.onexit event.

 widget.onexit = function() {
// store current view

widget.onexit is fired every time a widget is closed, just before the last onhide event.

For storing the state, setPreferenceForKey can be used. At startup, the last stored state can be loaded using preferenceForKey.

 var lastActiveFSView;
widget.onexit = function() {
if (lastActiveFSView) {
widget.setPreferenceForKey(lastActiveFSView, "lastActiveFSView");
window.onload = function() {
lastActiveFSView = widget.preferenceForKey("lastActiveFSView");

For a complete example, see: StoreStateOnExit.zip

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