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Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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Migrate your apps to the new Symbian Belle platform style using the Symbian Qt Quick Components, and WIN!

Courtesy of DJ Turntable, QuickHit and Qt Quick playground projects.

We're having a competition to promote the Symbian Belle platform style. In order to compete you need to have a "real" application that uses Symbian Qt Quick Components for its application framework and standard controls, and which does so in a way that is consistent with the Symbian design and iconography guidelines.

To support your entry you must provide an article which describes your application; showing the areas where you've complied with the design guidelines and also explaining where you have chosen not to and why. Ideally you'll point us to a binary version we can test, but your article should be sufficient for assessment of how well the app complies with the guidelines.

The three winners will get [placeholder]. If that's not enough, then consider that as winner of a Nokia Developer competition your app will be featured in our Community, Wiki, and Project home pages, as well as in our developer newsletters - giving your app immediate visibility with hundreds of thousands of your peers and potential employers!

The Symbian Qt Quick Components are available in the Qt SDK v1.1.4. Read the Read the Symbian Design Guidelines and off you go!


How to participate

Create or port an application to use the Symbian Qt Quick Components. Write an article on the wiki showing how your application complies with the Symbian Design Guidelines and also the areas where it does not. Where possible, provide a link to the real application so we can try it out!

Here are the competition rules:

  • The application and associated article must be original work.
  • An article must be created explaining how the app complies with the guidelines.
    • It must have the categories Category:Qt Quick and start with the text: {{Note|This is an entry in the [[Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1]]}}
    • It must be submitted by 19th March 2012
    • Ideally it should contain a link to the application (on Nokia Store or elsewhere).
  • Nokia must have permission to publish a link to your app and screenshots on the wiki, discussion boards, newsletters, and any other mechanisms while promoting this competition and its results. Note that these are automatically granted when you upload them to the wiki by the site Terms and Conditions.

See the fine print for more information.

Evaluation of entries

The winning apps will be those that are deemed to best match the Symbian Design Guidelines by a panel of Nokia UI design experts. We'll also be looking at the user interaction, appearance, iconography, and everything else that makes a great app.

The articles are very much secondary - they are your opportunity to explain why you've used a particular approach (particularly where your app does not behave as the design guidelines suggest). If you can't make a version of the app available, then they are our only way of assessing how well your application complies.

The results are expected to be announced in late March/early April.


Generic questions or comments concerning this competition can be addressed as comments to this wiki page.

The fine print

The main sponsor of the competition is Nokia Corporation, Finland (“main sponsor”). The competition is a competition of skill. No purchase or admission fee is necessary to participate. By participating in the competition the participant indicates his/her/its acceptance to these rules and agrees to be bound by them as well as any rules and regulations of Nokia Developer and the Developer’s Wiki. You acknowledge and agree that no form of cheating will be tolerated. Any persons found cheating, as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of the main sponsor, will immediately be disqualified from the contest. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the main sponsor reserves the right at its sole discretion to amend, withdraw or revise these rules and the prizes at any time without notice and in such event the main sponsor shall not have any liability whatsoever.

This competition shall not constitute a commitment or create a joint venture, partnership, agency or other business relationship between the participants and the main sponsor of this competition. This competition shall not either be understood to grant to any participant whether expressly or by implication any ownership, rights or license to any intellectual property rights of the main sponsor and vice versa. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Nokia shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the participant’s participation to the competition. The laws of Finland shall be applicable to any disputes arising out of the competition. Unless otherwise provided for in applicable mandatory legislation, such disputes will be finally settled in the public court of Helsinki.

Nokia Developer employees and contractors are not eligible for this contest. The competition is open to other Nokia employees (except those working directly for Nokia Developer) with the following limitations:

  1. You should not be directly involved in the development of icons for Nokia platforms or Nokia marketing material
  2. You should use only the published tools and resources - "practice what you preach"
  3. Submissions from the Nokia employees will be judged and prized separately, and will not compete directly with third party developers

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