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Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

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 Package: redak
 URL:  http://rzr.online.fr/q/redak
 Contact: Philippe Coval <rzr@gna.org>
 Licence: GPL-3 (OpenSource Free Libre Software)

Redak is just a simple text editor to be used on touchscreen. Basic features are Load, Save, Save As, Browse and Edit text. It has been tested on maemo/meego harmattan n950 and n9 ...



History of this project :

I needed a basic text editor to handle files on my handset ... So I created once a Qt texteditor under the name redaktilo as sample to teach Qt on desktop or tablets (n810) ... using QtGui was usable with a resistive screen (n810) but not on capacitives screens so I deciced to create it again from scratch using QtQuick...

Today supported platform are symbian and meego harmattan.

Basic features are ready to be tested :

  • Load, Save, Save As, Browse and Edit text (select, cut and paste).

Features are very limited but enough for me ?

I can't promise I will polish it and add more features but it's opensource so I can promise i will make efforts to merge patches ?

The project is mostly based on QmL and uses C++/Qt for io.(load/save)...


IO access is done in C++ , the rest UI logic etc is pure qml Javascript

Used ones (symbian or meego) :

  • PageStackWindow Page QueryDialog
  • Menu MenuLayout MenuItem ToolBar ToolBarLayout ToolButton
  • Flickable Column ListView FolderListModel Component MouseArea
  • TextArea TextField Text
  • Image Rectangle
  • Connections

Since the project is opensource you can tear out and reuse my components :

Custom ones to be reused :

  • EditPage : the text area
  • BrowserPage : the file browser for loading saving pages

Problem Areas

First I created for harmattan then ported to Symbian, the main issue was a minor bug in C++ that prevent loading files (bad path workaround). I feared that was a security issue but it's not ...

Most of the qml code is common between MeeGo and Symbian. But I did not share common parts and I prefer to merge new features ...

I had to find also common images to reuse platform ones ...

  • QueryDialog : Had to workaround this bug (using an extra '\n')



I wish I had a n900 to port it to maemo5 too or a RasperyPI to edit text on TV ...

I'll also plan to use it to test Qt lighthouse ports


Just open this link I tested "redak_qt-4_7_4_symbianBelle-0.4.0.sis" on NokiaE7


Also track featured download at :


Random files :


ScreenShot: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/redak/files/screenshot.png

Icon: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/redak/projecticon?environment_name=redak

I plan to publish to ovi stable version ... but feel free to build form sources too...


Note.pngNote: This is an entry in the Symbian Qt Quick Components Competition 2012Q1

Article Metadata
Tested with
Devices(s): Nokia E7,
Platform(s): Meego Harmattan, Symbian Belle, Qt 4.7.4
Dependencies: Qt Quick Components 1.1
Keywords: Redak, Text.Editor
Created: www.rzr.online.fr (07 Feb 2012)
Last edited: www.rzr.online.fr (27 Mar 2012)


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