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Symbian Signed for Nokia

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Created: Satu (08 Mar 2007)
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Symbian Signed for Nokia is a testing and certification program for Nokia projects. The test houses, the process and the look and feel of the portal is the same as in Symbian Signed. All developer branded applications, which will be embedded to Nokia devices or delivered in Nokia sales channels, are submitted to testing via Symbian Signed for Nokia. These applications are usually called "TPO applications". The test criteria for these applications are by default Symbian Signed and additional Nokia test criteria.

In addition to TPO applications, also such applications, which require sensitive capabilities, are tested and certified via Symbian Signed for Nokia.

There are three test houses in the program:

To get the best quote for the testing prices contact the test houses directly with the above e-mail.

Access rights for the portal can be requested from nokia. testing@nokia.com.

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