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Talk:How to use the EqualizerControl in the Java ME AMMS API

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Hamishwillee - Great topic

Hi Kaj-Michael

Thanks for starting this article - looks like it is shaping up nicely. I have fixed the categories and added some standard wiki styling. I haven't subedited for English and I won't until you're finished.

I suggest a rename to "How to use the EqualizerControl in the Java ME AMMS API" or "How to use the EqualizerControl on Java ME"

I see this is tested on the Nokia Asha 311. Will you test it on the Asha 501? Can you confirm which SDK you are using to build - the latest for Asha or an older one?



hamishwillee (talk) 08:06, 18 November 2013 (EET)

Oniongarlic -

Afaik Asha 501 and later devices do not support the EqualizerControl.

oniongarlic (talk) 14:14, 15 January 2014 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Thanks for the clarification

Are you OK for me to rename this article to "How to use the EqualizerControl in the Java ME AMMS API" ?

hamishwillee (talk) 06:13, 22 January 2014 (EET)