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Talk:Image usability design guidelines

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21 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090921)

This article provides some useful advice regarding the use of images in mobile applications. It raises several important points regarding the use of images both from a general usability perspective and also with respect to mobile applications. Several useful points are mentioned which are particularly relevant in the mobile domain. It is extremely important that images are scaled according to the aspect ratio of the mobile phone in question. Distorted images look very unprofessional and can result in a major degrade in the quality of the image. Another important point which the article raises and which is relevant in the mobile domain is the need to consider different lighting conditions. If the user is outside, it may be difficult for him/her to distinguish detail in images. As a result, the mobile application designer/developer should always ensure that if detail needs to be distinguished, there is sufficient contrast to distinguish between information in the foreground and the background. Finally, the point regarding not over-doing the use of images in mobile applications is very important. Besides the fact that images can clutter the display, they are also computationally expensive to render and consume a lot of space in memory. Furthermore, scaling images is not efficient in Java ME, as this typically needs to be done by processing the underlying pixel array (unless SVG images are used).