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Talk:Mobile Web Design Pattern: Tabbed List

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27 Sep
Article Review by Larry101 (20090927)

This very nicely written article addresses the use of tabbed pane controls in mobile web applications. In keeping with it’s classification in this Wiki, the article sticks to the standard format of a design pattern article, discussing the solution, when the use of tabs is appropriate in the domain of mobile web applications, and the rationale behind this. The article identifies two situations where tabbed controls are appropriate in mobile web applications. Firstly, as top-level navigation, and secondly to show and hide small amounts of information.

The author demonstrates a thoughtful appreciation of the domain and does well to identify a few possible pitfalls of using tabs in mobile web apps. These include the fact that scrolling all the way back to the top of the page might be required to select a different tab. As a result, a useful suggestion is to provide a “back to top” bookmark. The author also makes a good point that tabs are particularly well-suited to be used in widgets, whose small size eliminates the scrolling problem. Tabs are indeed particularly useful in this domain.

I enjoyed reading this article. It had a very professional feel to it and the figures complemented the text nicely.