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This template provides users with information that helps them determine whether an article is likely to still be accurate and relevant. It should be applied to all articles.



The template is automatically included in new articles. To add to an existing article, copy-paste the text below and replace the html comments with your own values. Note that empty values (and HTML comments) are not displayed, so there is no need to delete unused values.

{{ArticleMetaData <!-- v1.3 -->
|sourcecode= <!-- Link to example source code e.g. [[Media:The Code Example]] -->
|installfile= <!-- Link to installation file (e.g. [[Media:The Installation File.wgt]]) -->
|devices= <!-- Devices tested against - e.g. Nokia Lumia 928, Nokia Asha 501) -->
|sdk= <!-- SDK(s) built and tested against (e.g. Windows Phone 8.0 SDK) -->
|platform= <!-- Compatible platforms - e.g. Nokia Asha Platform 1.0 and later -->
|dependencies= <!-- Any other/external dependencies e.g.: Google Maps Api v1.0 -->
|signing=<!-- Special Signing requirements -->
|capabilities= <!-- Required capabilities for code (e.g. ID_CAP_LOCATION, ID_CAP_NETWORKING) -->
|language= <!-- Language category code for non-English topics - e.g. Lang-Chinese -->
|translated-by= <!-- [[User:XXXX]] -->
|translated-from-title= <!-- Title only - not link -->
|translated-from-id= <!-- Id of translated revision -->
|review-by=<!-- After re-review: [[User:username]] -->
|review-timestamp= <!-- After re-review: YYYYMMDD -->
|update-by= <!-- After significant update: [[User:username]]-->
|update-timestamp= <!-- After significant update: YYYYMMDD -->
|creationdate= <!-- Format YYYYMMDD -->
|author= <!-- Enter link [[User:username]] -->

The parameters are documented in more detail below. Note that only the Creation parameters are mandatory.

Article Information


These parameters record the original article author. They are intended to give the author credit for their work, and to make it easy for readers to find out more about the author:

  • creationdate=Article creation date, format YYYYMMDD.
  • author=Original article author, format [[User:hamishwillee]].


The (optional) review parameters allow end-users to see the last date that an article was known to be accurate. With this information readers can still "trust" older articles.

The parameters can be updated by any wiki user who is technically competent in the article area.

  • review-by=Reviewer user id, in format [[User:hamishwillee]]
  • review-timestamp=Timestamp of review, in format YYYYMMDD


Articles may periodically receive a significant update. These parameters allow the author of the update to be recognised for their work, and alongside the #Review parameters, help end-users determine how likely it is that the content is still relevant.

  • update-by=Update author in format [[User:hamishwillee]]
  • update-timestamp=Update timestamp, format YYYYMMDD


Translated articles should use the following additional parameters to record the translator and translation version information. Note that these create links to the actual translated version of the topic:

  • translated-by= Link to the translator user id - e.g. [[User:hamishwillee|hamishwillee]]
  • translated-from-title= Name of original article: "Article Title"
  • translated-from-id= Id of translated page. If the URL of the revision in History tab ends in &oldid=111747, the id is 111747

If (and ONLY if) article an article is translated from an off-wiki topic fill in:

  • translated-from-title= Name of original article: "Article Title"
  • translated-from-url= Url of translated article


  • language: Category code for the natural language (e.g. Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese) to display the template in that language. Default is English.


These option parameters allow you to specify the actual devices and platforms you tested against (and know it to work for) and the ones you expect it to work against. To make it easier for users, also provide link to the SDK you used to build this against.

  • devices: Devices actually tested against. For example Nokia Lumia 920. We prefer the full name of the device, but shorthand is "better than nothing".
  • sdk: Actual SDK(s) built and tested against, most recent first


  • platform: Compatible platforms - e.g. Windows Phone 8 and later, Nokia Asha Platform 1.0 and later
  • dependencies: Any other compatibility/dependency information not captured by above. For example dependency on an external API like Google Maps or a particular non-Nokia framework library.

Platform Security

Applies to secure platforms only (e.g. Symbian)

  • signing: What level of signing is required, if any
  • capabilities: Security "Capabilities" required by the article/code example (e.g. ID_CAP_LOCATION, ID_CAP_NETWORKING, NetworkServices).


These parameters provide direct links to downloads (source or installation files) associated with the article.


These parameters are deprecated, and will not be displayed even if declared

  • category
  • subcategory
  • id: Knowledge-base identifier. No longer used
  • keywords: APIs, classes and methods of related articles - used badly or not at all.
  • devicecompatability_ Compatible devices e.g.: All* (must have internal GPS) - never used properly

Articles which use this template

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Optical Reader Library for Windows Phone 8         
Live Tile Templates in Windows Phone 8         
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Web Runtime Widgetをローカライズする方法  Lang-Japanese       
Wiki Contributor of the Month         
Creating an HTTP network request in Qt         
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Symbian OS Internals/02. Hardware for Symbian OS         
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OVI Certificates         
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Symbian OS         
如何使用Model View delegate自定义列表  Lang-Chinese       
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中文Wiki使用手册  Lang-Chinese       
Работа с файлами в Qt (QFile)  Lang-Russian       
Web技术  Lang-Chinese       
Portal:Qt (Chinese)  Lang-Chinese       
Device and feature detection on the mobile web         
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Porting Android (Java) applications to S60 5th Edition         
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Advanced About Page for Windows Phone apps  Lang-Portuguese       
多媒体开发  Lang-Chinese       
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深入浅出MetaObject,Signal-Slot  Lang-Chinese       
Qt for symbian 开发环境安装  Lang-Chinese       
HTML Page parsing using HTMLAgilityPack         
SMS operations using Symbian C++         
QML国际化——中文示例  Lang-Chinese       
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Checking if a file exists in Open C and C++         
Facebook authentication in Windows Phone application         
Application Bar for Windows Phone         
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Sensors API 文档  Lang-Chinese       
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Working with Live Tiles on Windows Phone         
How to integrate JavaScript in QML         
Inside NFC: Usages and Working Principles         
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How to debug Windows Phone HTML5 Apps         
How to do HTTP Get and Post using Qt         
Using Crypto++ library with Windows Phone 8         
Portal:Windows Phone UI Articles         
QML中的Model View——一个ListView实例  Lang-Chinese       
How to get the device IP addresses on Windows Phone         
Network Connectivity Status in Windows Phone         
Code snippet template for developers      -     -  
Google Translate in Windows Phone         
Generate JAD from JAR file         
Create a WordPress theme with Mobile Web Templates     SannaH    20120507 
Mendapatkan Screenshot pada Windows Phone Device  Lang-Bahasa Indonesia       
Nokia Developer Wiki Administration         
Image control using 9-patch rescaling for Windows Phone         
File manipulation with IsolatedStorageFile on Windows Phone         
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Qt Quick Components 页面管理  Lang-Chinese       
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Software update instructions for Nokia Asha (& Series 40) phones         
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Windows Phone Native C++ and DirectX - First Direct3D App, setting up Touch and Sensors         
Using the camera light in Windows Phone 7, 8 and 8.1         
XNA Games On Windows Phone 8 with Monogame         
Listening synchronously for incoming SMS messages in Java ME     skalogir    20130509 
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Convert hexadecimal to decimal and vice-versa in Qt         
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Changing the Background and Foreground Colors of Application Bar in WP         
如何提高Nokia Asha web apps性能  Lang-Chinese       
Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java: 移植向导  Lang-Chinese       
How to capture screen programmatically in Windows Phone 7         
J2ME clients for JSON services made easy: the complete implementation         
Image editing techniques and algorithms using Qt         
使用Carbide C++进行ODD(On Device Debugging)  Lang-Chinese       
Creating your own Windows Phone UI Controls using Microsoft Expression Blend         
How to create the Azure Mobile Service in Azure Portal         
Parse Local XML file in Windows Phone         
Maps Examples for HERE Maps API         
How to use LinkedIn service API - PHP & WRT widget example         
How to launch a MIDlet remotely via SMS or locally via an Alarm with PushRegistry in Java ME         
Using Microsoft Advertising Control in Windows Phone apps     SB Dev    20130915 
Qt Creator 使用技巧  Lang-Chinese       
使用Qt Mobility Messaging API发送短信  Lang-Chinese    -     -  
Nokia SDK 2.0 for Java: 新UI介绍及实例演示  Lang-Chinese       
Portal:Java ME (Chinese)  English    -     -  
CodenameOne examples for Nokia X & Asha         
Streaming MP3 player in WP7         
Novidades no Windows Phone 8  Lang-Portuguese       
How to use Facebook Graph API in Windows Phone         
如何预装Symbian应用  Lang-Chinese       
Qr Decoder in Qt         
How to handle phone calls and other interruptions in Windows Phone         
How to Add Pivot Item in a pivot dynamically in Windows Phone 8         
使用Qt Mobility Map and Navigation API显示地图  Lang-Chinese       
How to create a simple number guessing game using PHP         
Qt4.6.2 目前存在的问题  Lang-Chinese       
Simulate 1080p windows phone emulator         
Messaging API 文档  Lang-Chinese       
HERE Maps API - How to display KML file data on the map         
How to terminate a Windows Phone app         
How to set and remove cookies in PHP         
Notification API and location service for localized heath training         
Birthday Calendar for Windows Phone         
Tilt Effect for Windows Phone         
App deployment options for Windows Phone         
从S60 5th移植程序到Symbian^3  Lang-Chinese       
Voice Commands in Windows Phone 8         
PHP & JavaScript & MySQL - Dynamic Drop Down List         
How to add Flurry Analytics to your Windows Phone app         
Nokia Asha web apps - known issues         
在Carbide C++中开发Symbian^3应用  Lang-Chinese       
Qmake的使用演示  English    -     -  
Qt和Symbian C++的混合编程  Lang-Chinese       
Contactless Communication API(JSR-257)介绍  Lang-Chinese       
Reading and writing files in QML         
Portable Class Library with async / await support for Windows Phone         
Google+ authentication in Windows Phone application         
How to send an SMS in Windows Phone         
Pop Art filter effect Halftoning using Imaging SDK         
Ovi商店内容发布FAQ  Lang-Chinese       
Real-time camera effects on Windows Phone 7 and 8         
使用Qt Multimedia API 进行录音和播音  Lang-Chinese       
Basic Slider control in Windows Phone         
How to create flexible Portrait - Landscape rotation layout in Qt         
Splash Screen with additional splash image on Windows Phone  English    -     -  
Twitter: OAuth 1.0 Authentication using Hammock         
QML Debug问题总汇  Lang-Chinese       
Drawing lines in QML         
How to create database user and set privileges in MySQL         
Custom Color Picker for Windows Phone         
Using valgrind with Qt Creator         
Become an Series 40 application developer - Part 1         
How to display the app version on a Windows Phone page         
Windows Phone ads providers performance         
Creating a database table in Qt         
How to use Resource Editor with Qt Creator  English         
Stegafoto: a lens which embeds audio and text inside images         
使用QtMultimediaKit开发多媒体应用  Lang-Chinese       
Template app for developing Imaging SDK Effects         
How to read data from a file in Qt         
Twitter using TweetSharp Library on Windows Phone         
Flickr Rss reader with SAX, Picasso in Nokia X         
How to Obtain Your Own Nokia appID and Token         
How to use QFrame in Qt         
Maemo 5 SDK installation for beginners         
Java ME UI Frameworks         
不通过Qt Mobility操纵Symbian设备的相机  Lang-Chinese       
Inserting a row into a database in Qt         
OAuth on Windows Phone         
Selection between SIM1 and SIM2 for Sending an SMS in Java ME on Dual Sim Devices fails  English    -    20120227 
Qt for Symbian开发 FAQ  Lang-Chinese       
Image processing using Java ME         
使用Qt Style Sheets制作UI特效  Lang-Chinese       
Deleting an incoming SMS message using Symbian C++         
Logging with Microlog in Java ME         
WindowsPhone Socket通信编程  Lang-Chinese       
MonoGame on Windows Phone – A Tutorial on Building Levels for 3D games         
Create simple overlay with UserControl in Windows Phone         
Connecting Qt signal to QML function         
JQueryMobile for Windows Phone         
How to create a page hit counter in PHP         
Collection of Value converters for Windows Phone apps         
Generate XML programatically in Qt         
Simple Qt timer application in QML         
Series 40 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth         
Qt / Web 混合编程  Lang-Chinese       
LongListSelector with bindable SelectedItem and better scrolling         
Python on Symbian         
Custom Live Tile Layout with UserControl as image source         
Launching Java apps at phone startup         
Java Runtime 1.1.0 for Series 40 Release Notes     r2j7    20120203 
Awaiting event handlers in Windows Phone 8         
Facebook Chat Client for Windows Phone         
QtDbus quick tutorial         
Introduction to Enterprise support in Windows Phone         
Portal:Windows Phone Tools & SDK         
Memory-efficient Navigation in Very High Resolution Images on Windows Phone         
Getting started with Java ME         
Employees app with XML parsing and messaging in WP         
Wiki contributor of the week         
How to get MAC address of a WLAN device         
传感器API的介绍以及使用  Lang-Chinese       
FishEye lens filter effect         
Deep Linking to Store on Nokia X         
How to take input from user using QInputDialog in Qt         
Como ler um arquivo de imagem do JAR  Lang-Portuguese       
Como avaliar uma aplicação usando Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit  Lang-Portuguese       
Maps Examples for Windows phone         
Extract GPS coordinates from digital camera images using PHP         
Wide Angle Lens Effect         
Drag & Drop in Windows Phone         
Login dialog for Windows Phone apps         
Audio Noise Reduction in Windows Phone         
How to make Menu on Canvas         
How to improve your coding standards using StyleCop         
Developing a 2D game in Java ME - Part 3         
Reusing code for Windows Phone 7, 8 and 8.1         
Filter and Custom Filter Management Framework for the Nokia Imaging SDK         
HERE Maps API - How to cluster map markers         
中文 J2ME中的XML解析器  Lang-Chinese       
How to style the ToggleSwitch from the Windows Phone ToolKit         
Image processing optimization techniques         
Implementing Kinetic panning with Maps API for Java ME         
How to use LocalDatabase in Windows Phone         
Understanding LWUIT List         
Brushes in Windows Phone         
Implementing advert in Windows Phone app using Inneractive with CSharp         
How to create a Settings Flyout using Visual States and Blend         
How to use QTimer in Qt         
Advanced MessageBox for Windows Phone         
NFC介绍  English    -     -  
Featured Videos         
如何在Qt中使用OpenGL  Lang-Chinese       
Code snippets table for common use cases         
Java Verified流程  Lang-Chinese       
QML中的Model View——一个PathView实例  Lang-Chinese       
How to use QProgressBar in Qt         
Azure Mobile Services on Windows Phone         
How to conform with Unified Testing Criteria         
Series 40 UI design usability testing webinar - companion article         
Symbian OS - Português  Lang-Portuguese       
Qt for Symbian应用的开发  Lang-Chinese       
How to send an email using the Cimalino Windows Phone Toolkit         
Geocoding an address with Maps API for Java ME  English    -     -  
Windows Phone中用NFC 读写 Ndef tag  Lang-Chinese       
Best practice tips for delivering apps to Windows Phone with 256 MB         
Porting from BlackBerry to Series 40         
Creating LCDUI Custom Components: CategoryBar         
Custom splash screen page for Windows Phone applications         
Video playback guidance for Nokia Lumia 610         
Portal:Symbian C++ Code Examples         
MouseClick event in Qt's custom widget         
Augmented reality for fun using Nokia Imaging SDK filters         
Portal:Java ME Nokia Asha Unvalidated Articles         
Partial filter application and blending with Nokia Imaging SDK         
迁移到Carbide.c++  Lang-Chinese       
HERE Maps API - How to use sprite images as map marker icons         
Series 40: Editions and Feature Packs         
Using Nokia SDKs and Tools on Windows Vista         
How to create and drop a table in MySQL database         
Portal:Windows Phone Files/Data  English    -     -  
Mobile Design Pattern: Theme of Touch Screen Menu         
Series 40 触摸和键盘手机开发介绍  Lang-Chinese       
Creating a Patient-Doctor Monitoring System for Asha Devices         
App Launcher Icon Competition November 2011         
目前Nokia N8真机Debug的解决办法  Lang-Chinese       
Series 40 触摸和键盘手机特性  Lang-Chinese       
Using QML ListView         
Become an Series 40 application developer - Part 2         
How to create unit tests for Windows Phone with the Visual Studio Unit Testing Framework         
Open C++: new操作符的问题  Lang-Chinese       
How to find a specific element inside a control using Visual tree in WP7         
Places Near You with Bing Maps and GeoNames API         
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