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Apply this template to the top of articles that require a specific update or testing to improve quality or to bring them "up to date".


 {{ArticleNeedsUpdate|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}|user=~~~|Text explaining issues(required)}}

The parameters are required:

  • timestamp: Apply a timestamp so it is clear when the suggestion was made. Usually just copy-paste timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}}
  • user: User id of person recording issue. You can use the wiki syntax ~~~ to add your user id
  • Unnamed parameter: Text explaining what changes or testing is needed.

Optional parameters:

  • type: A short string for the type of update required. For example, one of: copyediting, code formatting, technical review. This is optional, but if specified will replace the text "to be updated" when the template is displayed.
  • language: The language category of the natural language the template is to display in. If no language is specified or if the specified language is not supported then the English version is used.
    • Translations exist for: Lang-Portuguese, Lang-Chinese, Lang-Russian
    • For example:

Articles which use this template

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Default appearance

The default appearance of the template, without the unnamed explanatory parameter specified, is shown below:

Needs-update.pngThis article needs to be updated: If you found this article useful, please fix the problems below then delete the {{ArticleNeedsUpdate}} template from the article to remove this warning.


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