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== Appearance ==
== Appearance ==
</noinclude><div style="float:right;padding-left:5px;margin:8px 0">[[File:Featured-article.png|link=Featured Articles]]{{#if:{{{timestamp|}}}|<br>{{#time: d M|{{{timestamp}}} }}<br>
</noinclude>{{AwardInfoBox|link=Template:FeaturedArticle|image=Featured-article.png|timestamp={{{timestamp|}}} }}
{{#time: Y|{{{timestamp}}} }}|}}</div>

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Wiki administration add this template to Featured Articles. The article then displays a small "tick" on the right hand side where the template is applied


Copy-paste the following text at the top of the page.

{{FeaturedArticle|timestamp={{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} }}

Using {{subst:CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} inserts the current time. You can manually insert another date using YYYYMMDD format.

List of Featured Articles

See Featured Articles for the manually created list. List dynamically created below


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